More thoughts on things I’d like to see in Survivalcraft to improve my gameplay fun… The Landscape!

Since my last post on this subject I’ve been giving more thought to what aspects of Survivalcraft I’d like to see altered to improve my gameplay experience. Let me just start by once again reminding any readers that I am really enjoying SC and noting that SC is still in Alpha and that Kaalus, the developer, is incredibly active in moving the game forward. I feel I need to state this not just to be fair to Kaalus’ game but also to placate some of the fans of the game who have found their way to this blog and, I am guessing due to their age, can misinterpret the tone of my humour and see my posts as a criticism: I don’t mind telling a commenter to piss off for being a knob, but even I tend to feel a little bit mean when I find out they are only 10 years old o.0

Anyhoo, let me begin. Exploring, as I have said before, is hard & dangerous. My decision to lay signs and construct hard boxes has helped make it safer but also duller. Well, it hasn’t made it duller so much as shown up a weakness inherent in a world as big as Survivalcraft: there is no point in exploring because there is simply nothing to be gained. Of course you may need to find new resources and supplies but other than that there is nothing out in the world for you to see, locate or just plain stumble across. For me, the world needs more ‘stuff’ in it. Kaalus has done a great job re-working the underground generation to give us impressive caves but I’d like to see overground structures too. How great would it be to find a village nestled in the safety of a valley, or strung high in the bows of a jungle? What about a shipwreck off the coast? A stone circle atop a mountain? A huge jungle stretching for miles? But all there is is an endlessly repeating cycle of sand, grass, snow, plains, hills, mountains, trees, flowers, cactuses. All very pretty, but all very empty.

Which brings me on to my next observation. The landscape varies a lot between the main types of ground cover (grass, sand & snow) but it does so in small, often repeating patterns that don’t really make any sense. You can, for example, regularly find a thin strip of snow blocks running through a desert region right next to the sea and that just looks wrong. What I’d like to see is the landscape handled in a more natural way, either much larger areas of continuous terrain to avoid this patchwork quilt feel or a more realistic island layout with jungle surrounding mountains topped with snow only at the highest elevations.


Desert, plains, mountains, lakes and snow together at last!

In short, I would dearly love the landscape of Survivalcraft to give me a reason to not only explore but to get lost. 🙂


  1. you know… some of your comments really make me think you should check out minecraft on the pc 😉

    i have to admit that after playing MC on the PC (ooh get me with the abbrev. :P) I find the android version really hard to control and keep trying to right click with a different finger…. no i don’t know why either 😛 so although survivalcraft looks interesting, I’ll probably stick with minecraft pc 🙂

    1. Hiya mate, I (we) do have it and tend to play lots of mods like Tekkit, Volt & Yogbox but although I really like the extra functionality I don’t like the fact I have to be in my small computer room. I’ve been moving away from the PC since Dec and don’t feel ready to go back yet. I will, but not yet 🙂

      The thing I, and others judging by their comments, like about SC is how it offers an experience that is closer to MCPC rather than MCPE and at the speed the Dev is adding new stuff compared to the glacier-like creep of Mojang I think the chances of SC matching MCPC before PE are very high 🙂

    1. I’m about to switch Antland to Creative for a while and spend some time building ruined structures just so I have stuff to find in the narrative I’m writing, but the land needs some serious work in my humble opinion – it’s just a tad boring exploring right now 😦

  2. I agree with all of your post. Do you know how cool it would have been to be exploring and come across something manmade like a ruins, or when digging in the caves to see a cave painting or a relic or a fossil? But because everyone can see and modify the textures, any secret rare object would be seen already by those looking over the textures.
    Exploring gets a little interesting to find a cave that ends up going down to lava and bedrock. Or to see some strange floating islands of rock.
    Not much reason to explore, but there’s also not much reason to stay up at night. I just sleep through the nights. There needs to be a reason to go out in the night or I’ll just sleep through it. Perhaps an item or animal that is only out at night. Yes, I would hunt werewolves if they actually dropped something. I had suggested a diamond to make it worthwhile and for those of us who have mined for weeks in this game and never found one.

    1. I love the idea of them dropping diamonds, it would make hunting them at night fun although they would have to be solo mobs otherwise the hunt would just become another hack ‘n’ slash melee. I love the thought of setting werewolf traps and leading them in 🙂

  3. Perhaps werewolf only occasionally drops a diamond. Drops a skull otherwise. Now, have you ever come across diamond ore while mining?

    1. Yup yup, quite a few. I found 6 blocks today 🙂 Thing is, I don’t use them. The compass is useless at the moment and there is nothing that really needs a diamond edged weapon or tool to deal with it.

  4. Where did you find the diamonds? So a diamond edge machete doesn’t kill any faster than an iron one? I thought maybe with digging the diamond edge pickaxe would last longer.

    1. I tend to find them a few levels above the bottom, in the basalt about 10 levels up.

      The machete did kill a little faster and certainly lasted longer, but there’s nothing in the game that’s a real threat if you have two stone machetes on you so using 2 iron and 3 diamond to make a tool that isn’t much better than one simply made of stone which is much easier to find.

      I haven’t made any diamond tools fire the same reason – when I go mining I just take a stack of stone picks as they mine everything except diamond. For that I take a single iron pick and that lasts me ages.

      Basically I’m a tight wad and hate spending hard won iron & diamond when done will do the same job and right now stone does 99% of everything I need 🙂

      1. I’ve just found some more in the same tunnel so I counted how many levels above the bedrock I am and it turns out I’m not 10 above but only 4. Of course the bedrock is 3 or 4 blocks deep so I guess counting from absolute 0 you could say it is nearer 10, but from the first block of bedrock you find try going up 4 blocks and then mining out a 3×3 tunnel in a dead straight line.

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