Why I’m writing more about Survivalcraft than Minecraft…

Am observant reader will have noticed that since the end of the mahoosive underwater base project I haven’t been writing much about my time in Minecraft PE and much more about Survivalcraft. Well there is a couple of good reasons for that, namely…

1) The base burnt me out. It was such a huge effort & time-sink I pretty much had to walk away from MCPE for a while.

2) Survivalcraft offers a virtually endless world whereas MCPE’s world is a wee square and exploring it is pretty easy. True, it’s easy to get lost in SC but at least you *can* get lost in SC.

3) OK, there’s no ‘end game’ in SC but to be honest the one in MCPE isn’t anything to write home about is it? In the meantime SC has some really cool systems that MCPE is missing, such as:

i) An electricity system that allows for some really complex building options.

ii) Fire! MCPE had fire in once, but it caused the game to crash so it was removed so there is a flint & steel that does nothing.

iii) Buckets for moving water & lava, something MCPE still hasn’t managed and is actually needed in MCPE more than SC right now to allow farms to be set up.

So although I really enjoy MCPE I’ve just found that SC has more longevity and interesting things to do so for the foreseeable future I’ll be writing about SC simply because that’s what I’m playing. Maybe when MCPE has its next update something will be added to drag me back, but given how long it seems to take Mojang to update the game I wouldn’t expect me to switch back soon 😀


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