Survivalcraft: Emergency Shelters!

I’ve documented how in Antland, my main Survivalcraft world, I’ve struggled with becoming lost and not feeling comfortable with exploring too far from my base. Well, in a sudden flash of inspiration when wondering what to do with the rapidly accumulating piles of basalt rocks (40 in a pile, pile after pile and no ruddy recipes for them!) I had the brilliant* idea of constructing ‘hard boxes’ or emergency shelters a day’s hike apart. Genius! I could go exploring and as the sun started to set I could slap up a shelter and then the next day go another full day away. Rinse & repeat, a voilà!

Once this bolt from above had hit, the next step was to design a hard box using the last amount of materials possible whilst still using up all the bloody basalt cluttering up the chests in my four ** deep mines. If each construction could use a full stack of 40 I could have around 20 shelters and some seriously empty chests 🙂

It took a few attempts, but I eventually perfected a small box that uses exactly 40 blocks. It has a door, three windows, five torches, a crafting table & chest. The floorspace is nine blocks square so even with table & chest there is room for a furnace and more storage should it be needed, hell I could even share each one with another player should the game ever get a multi-player option. Come to think of it, another three walls & a roof would double the space – these things are modular!

Anyhow, here are a few pictures of my final draft 🙂





And here is why they are needed – I’ve built one a day’s match north and within minutes of finishing it I was attacked by a ruddy great bear!


This is why they are called Emergency Shelters, folks 😉


** For now…



  1. That is a great idea! I end up not wanting to throw away any material that I’ve mined, so I end up with a lot of chests too. When I do long distance exploration I’ll get lost after a few days and then go ahead and build what may be my permanent home there. I do eventually get the nerve to go long distances again and I will surprisingly find my original home or one of the other ones. But not wanting to lose all that I have mined I will put the ore in chests. But there are some outposts I have never found my way back to.

    1. I’ve found putting a sign next to a torch helps – one line says SHELTER with an arrow pointing in the direction of the shelter and another says HOME pointing to my main house & base.

      I set off from one shelter in the morning and stick to only north, south, east or west so I’m going in a straight line. When the sun reaches noon I place the first sign & torch and then in mid afternoon I place another. As the sun begins to set I build the shelter and then spend the next day equipping it and then set of the day after to do it all again.

      This means there is at least two lit signs between each shelter and I try to place them in prominent or obvious locations.

      Hope this helps, mate.

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