Survival Craft: Antland – The Lostening, part 1…

I mined my heart out in Deep Mine Two, the cave system is huge and full of goodies (and lava) but not coal so when the time came my inventory was full I could not set my furnace to work as I had decided against bringing any of my precious coal from the house. A trip home was needed, damn it.


I sensibly waited until morning before heading out of the mine and made it home without any trouble where I dropped off tons of minerals & ores. I decided, as I was now carrying almost nothing of value (bar the previous coal – what was I thinking?!?) to try the return trip right away, despite the fact the sun was already way past the yardarm. Oh yes, I really am that stupid.

With entirely predicable results I became lost in the snowy mountains and the sun set on a very scared individual who, had he not been so cold, would have been punching himself squarely in the mush. To make matters worse, the moon that rose to light my predicament was full.

Oh bugger…



  1. Are the reasons that there is no nice safe underground tunnel between Home and Deep Mine Two practical, or philosophical? 🙂

  2. I tend to play just one world and it’s not over 60 meg from all the expansion from getting lost. When it’s sunset I simply dig a hole that has a dirt block on bottom, seal up hole above me and sleep. Thats why the red compass is not very useful to me. Perhaps a blue compass that has the game origin point and my home base would be a lot more useful and I would never get lost!

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