Meanwhile, in Survival Craft… No more failing to plan!

Despite the recent (largely tongue in cheek, I’m sure you realised) rage quit, I have regrouped and headed back out to the interesting cave system I had just found when the wolves killed me and I lost all my bloody stuff! This time I planned ahead, didn’t travel at night and fenced up the entrance behind me. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Deep Mine Two!


All the comforts of home…


And a hell of a view 🙂


Now, let the mining commence!



    1. Hi, I’ve realised you were most likely asking about the texture pack in the pictures of this post. It’s a Sphanx copy, the same one the Yogscast team use in their Minecraft video , but it’s not been updated for the last few game updates so it’s missing a lot of blocks now. That’s why I’ve changed to the one you see in the video above which has all the blocks in as of 1.22 🙂

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