Aieeee! Death from Above!

The Boy finally got his mitts on Survival Craft tonight. He’d been banned from playing it after he bought & downloaded it on the good Lady Antfarm’s tablet a few weeks ago without asking, the cheeky pup! Anyhow, two weeks of stars on his reward chart had resulted in the ban being lifted and he was a happy chappy!

He knew you could take pictures and alter the camera position so from the get-go he was snapping his progress. Here he is in his brand new creative world:


He spent an age digging holes, setting spike traps, blowing up caves with barrels of gunpowder and experimenting with basic electrical circuits before he moved on to create a new world, only this time entirely flat. I asked him why and he said, without looking up, he wanted to build a zoo 🙂

At first he built an zoo keeper’s house before moving on to a polar bear enclosure, but the snow and ice he put down for them melted so he decided to change the enclosure into something else, only he didn’t know what. Birds, says I! Birds, asks he? Yup, birds confirms I! So he set to work on an aviary 🙂


And soon he was admiring his work as his wee seagulls, ducks & ravens wheeled & squawked overhead…





At point he had to leave to clean his teeth and get ready for bed. He handed me the Kindle and said “Can you take some pictures, daddy?” and that’s when disaster struck…

I was moving the camera around to try and get an interesting angle when a thunderstorm broke out.


I was just pondering the chances of capturing a lighting flash (or maybe even bolt!) through the glass when the bloody aviary roof was struck and in a flash of fire most of the birds (who had flown up to the top, the silly sods) burst into flames!


By the time The Boy had returned from the bathroom, the ground was littered with small burning bodies! Honestly, it was bloody gruesome and I dreaded having to tell him.



Luckily The Boy was petty sanguine about it all. The good Lady was laughing like a drain but all he was worried about was if the lightning had blown a hole in the aviary roof!

Oh the humanity…



  1. In terms of understanding the progression of the game, no but in terms of sheer creative zeal & ability he outstrips me easily 😀 He’s an amazingly natural builder, just thinks it, builds it, move on. I have a post coming up full of his amazing buildings from his Minecraft world – I was totally blown away when I joined him there and went exploring 🙂

    1. I know! And I got back from work today to the shocking news that, apparently, “a fat duck landed on a bomb I put next to the zoo house and the wall has blowed up!”

      A common occurrence in zoos run by 6 years olds, I’ll wager… 😉

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