Survival Craft: Antland – Wolves!

Dear god! There were wolves everywhere! I spent most of my first night on the godforsaken rock Hamshank had abandoned me on cowering in the corner of my half-built mud hovel scared out of my wits. Until, that is, the howls came closer and closer and a pair of gleaming eyes appeared around the edge of the hole I had left ready for a door.

The rest of the night until the sun rose is a blur, a series of desperate fights to the death with so many of the wild beasts that when the light of dawn crept over the stout mud walls, it found a terrible scene littered with dead wolves and piles of ruined tools.




If I was going to survive long enough to find Hamshank, I was going to have to finish my shelter fast! I couldn’t live through another night like the last one…


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