Survival Craft: Antland – The First Day… And Night!

After Captain Hamshank of The Rotten Nag dropped me off at what he’d sold as a “5-star opportunity to experience nature up close and personal, like” I began to suspect that Rip Off Rotten Tours was not a bona fide holiday firm after all…


As the ship sailed away and I struggled to hold my panic in check, I picked up some driftwood and surveyed my new home wondering what the hell I should do next!


At least there were trees, I could fashion tools from their wood and start to build a shelter for the night…

… which I would have to build from the sunbaked mud at the edge of the sandy beach.

I managed to get the basic walls piled up just as the sun sank behind the horizon and it was not a moment too soon as the howls of what sounded like a hundred wolves started up in unison!


That cod-stained cad Hamshank had not only marooned me, he’d left me as food for the bloody wildlife! If it was the last thing I did, I would survive this night, this island, and get back to Port Ansherry to kill that swindling swine and get back the £6.50 I paid for this sorry excuse of a weekend city-break!


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