Temple of the Moon Goddess


If you head south west from the main house in Termite Canyon (the name of my land in MCPE) you come to a valley between two high mountains topped with twin lighthouses. There are a few ways through or around the valley but if you travel to the top of the western peak and gaze down to the south, your travails will be rewarded with a very special view of a ruined stone circle beautifully adorned with flowers. This is the ruins of an ancient temple to a long forgotten moon Goddess and it is tended by the last in a long line of caretakers who resides in a mud hovel surrounded by a strong wooden fence that keeps any wandering zombies & creepers at bay. Say hello if you are passing but don’t mind if he shouts, he’s a grumpy old sod!

Explore Termite Canyon in any direction and you’ll find something interesting… 🙂


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