Bloody workshy bunch of lazy buggers! Look at the chuffing mess in here! I’ll have their hides for this! And their union cards! If I I let them join a union that is… but I if I did, those cards would be their toilet roll ration for a month!




  1. oooops! 🙂 I need to experiment with water sometime…

    I got my first Nether Spire in the iOS PE, yay!

    Progress progress…

    1. Oooooo, the 0.6.0 update changed the spires – the stones are Netherrack now but when I did it the whole place was Obsidian. If you build another one, take a diamond pickaxe with you and attack the gold block corner pieces because once the reactor starts up you can break them out before they are converted to Netherrack.

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