Sekkrit sea base… Shhhh!

I’ve found another Second Lifer who is playing MCPE! Check Dale’s post out here because it’s a great intro to the addictive qualities of this rather spiffing game. In my comments on his post I told him about my undersea base and suddenly realised I hadn’t told you, my lovely reader! So, without further ado, here’s some pictures of the most challenging build I’ve yet undertaken…


The first rule of this innocuous looking entrance is you don’t talk about this innocuous looking entrance…


This is the tunnel that took so long to complete – I had to lay the glass blocks on the seabed and then tunnel down & along from the shore to come up under the blocks. As I had only laid three I was rather amazed my back-of-a-beermat calculations worked first time!


Once the tunnel was completed I began work on a massive base area at the end but to stop an incursion of potentially explosive baddies pouring out of the poorly lit construction site and running all my hard work on the tunnel I built one of my tried & tested gate barriers to keep any loose creepers at bay.


This external shot should give you some idea of the scope & scale of this build. The tunnel is watertight and inhabitable, but until I complete the huge dome and seal it to the seabed the main base is still just a massive water-logged building site. I’ll be posting more on this and other projects soon but for now, don’t tell anyone I showed you this top sekkrit base… Shhhhhh!



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