The Ever Busy Burro (and the fun of Guild Wars 2)

They seek him here… they seek him there… all a bit daft really because he’s at work! Ah work, such an evil mistress… my work is super busy right now and that has left me little time to play anything and next to no time to blog, which is lucky because I’ve had nothing to blog about because I’ve not been playing… The Circle of Liiiife!

Still, little time play is not no time to play and I have been dipping in and out of Tyria when I can and I can confirm that I’m as in love with this game today and I was the first day I played it. God Almighty it’s good! I mean, really, really good. Just fun and more fun stuck together and decorated with fun! So much to tell you though, where do I start?

First off I’m now at level cap (80) and still haven’t finished the personal story with my main (I’m still only playing him) and it’s still bloody good fun! Halloween has come and gone and was a total blast (the first holiday event I’ve actually enjoyed and got good gear out of!) and now The Lost Shores expansion is upon us – it’s a good time to start playing if you haven’t yet 🙂


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