I’ll say one thing for insomnia…

… it makes completing a daily in Guild Wars 2 a sinch. I had a great time in the wee small hours of this morning just idly wandering from Lion’s Arch (where I had upgraded my armour, weapons and runes the night before) back into Timberline Falls. There are so many fun events in that area such as the Norn moot where you have to protect the ale from thieving skirtt (don’t let anyone tell you the Norn are tough – they get the crapola kicked out of them by a handful of pissed rats!). Or how about the drunken skritt. Or how about the amazing Assurans who fear the local skritt are becoming too clever and they drag you into a schlomp across the valley and into the skritt caves to stop them – I won’t spoil the story, but trust me it’s brilliant!

Now I’m knackered and seemed to have the inherited the face of a corpse, but by god if I can’t sleep again tonight I know where I’ll be – Tyria 🙂


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