A funny thing about Guild Wars 2…

…is that playing it seems to swallow up all the time I have planned for writing about it. Fair enough, I’m as busy as hell at work (soon to have added trips to London – boo!) but I know I could spare the odd hour in an evening to pop out even a small post about some gorgeous location or amazing dynamic event but when I start to plan it I find my fingers mysteriously clicking on the GW2 button and not the Google Docs link… spooky!

Seriously, I have *never* had as more fun in a game . The initial days of LOTRO, my fondest memories of SL and just about any time in L4D(1&2), Max Payne (all of them), Portal (both) & Half Life (just the first – the second was like watching the film Children of Men, amazing but ultimately bloody depressing) have all grabbed me in the same way, but something about Guild Wars 2 feels different. Something about the non-competitive nature of the play combined with the sheer repeatability of the world just makes me want to log in and play again and again and again… Damn you Arenanet, you’ve made me a junkie!

See you sometime in 2013. Maybe.

And then they added a dragon…



  1. glad to hear you’re having such a fab time in gw2 🙂 I’ve been quiet on the blogging front too – mixture of being busy, levelling my lore-master and waiting… (but not for much longer!!!!) for the launch of Rohan 😀

    1. I’ve not been following the Rohan stuff – when I left Lotro I’d been playing for 10 months and only just entered Moria – it broke my spirit that I’d be playing for years before I’d get to Isengard. I just couldn’t face it and so Rohan (the least interesting part of the tale for me anyhow) hasn’t registered on my radar at all – I don’t think I’ve even watched one dev video! Weird how quickly things can change! It was a year ago almost to the day I started my last ditch attempt at taking an character through (https://headburroantfarm.wordpress.com/2011/09/13/lotro-the-fires-of-archet/) but in the end my writing partner left and I ground myself to dust getting Keltorn’s pages in Forochel. You know what the weird thing is, I’ve never missed LOTRO once – that in itself speaks volumes I think.

    1. No, I can imagine that for a writer it would be very dull, but for a blogger like me it’s bread & butter! This blog is all about me merrily splurging about how great my hobby is and to find myself not doing that because I’m simply enjoying the hobby itself is, well, odd.

      Still, I’ve been blogging here and elsewhere for long enough to know I’m not about to drop this blog, rather there is a fallow period ahead and this blog will lie more or less dormant until I need it again.

      Who knows, maybe the enforced stay overs in London will give me time to write as I sure as hell won’t be able to play 😀

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