Gathering for fun and profit…

After work yesterday my head was mashed & by the time I had got home, had my tea, seen the nippers off to bed and had a brew with the good lady I was in no fit state to play GW2 to any degree other than collecting a few mats and learning a little more about buy & sell orders. Both DropDeadGuides and Markco are keen on using buy & sell orders smartly – playing the long game rather than buying & selling immediately.

To begin with I’m starting with sell orders and rather than just choosing an immediate sale, I’m looking at how many items are on order and if there aren’t too many I’m placing mine further in the queue by giving them a slightly higher price. If it takes a week, it takes a week but they will sell at some point and I’ll make a few more copper (or several more silver in some cases) than just selling them for the basic price.

In the latest DDG video the host explains something I have been trying out in a very small way in the last day or two – refining basic materials and selling the results for a higher overall profit. Where DDG differs is the scale of his efforts and this is where I need to expand my use of buy orders. I’ll be sure to try this when I get home tonight as I figure even if this gains me 20 to 50 silver every day or two then if I can keep that up I’ll be laughing in a week or two.

So far, using the ‘sell everything I have collected’ method, I have made and now banked 4 gold pieces and this morning I logged in to see I had 20 silver waiting for collection after I placed last night’s sell orders. Baby steps, but steps all the same 🙂



  1. So much math.. ugh. 😛 This is probably why I’ll never be rich in GW2. 😀 I get what he’s doing.. but trying to figure this out for myself, yeah, I don’t know about that. 😛 Though, I’ve been having ok luck here and there selling things. I’ve actually been surprised when some things are sold. I assumed they’d get lost in the thousands of the item being sold. I’ve amassed 8G on one toon from a bit of selling but vendoring lots of stuff and careful salvaging.. but! she’s not bought her final trait tome. 😛

    This video did teach me something. Using the sell now by filling buy orders is likely financing people who do this sort of stuff. I should stop doing that I guess. 😛

  2. Just wanted to pass along a couple of tips/guidelines that I’ve been using with some success…

    First, know the current prices for metal and cloth (as these are the two most profitable and most traded commodities on the Trading Post.)

    Second, only use Basic or Master level salvage kits… everything in-between is a failure of math. Either, the item is being salvage for its base materials, OR you really want the best opportunity to recover the upgrades… don’t half-ass this. Either the cheapest salvage kit, or the most expensive one is the ONLY real choice here.

    Third, recognize that the average return of base materials from a salvage is 1.75 units. (That is, you will sometimes get 1 ore, and sometimes get as many as 3 ore from salvaging an item that breaks down to ore, and the average return is just under 2 per salvage = 1.75)

    If the item’s “vendor price” (what you will get for selling it immediately to one of the NPCs a.k.a. “empty Cs” as they are referred to by Meowska… lol) is lower than what you could sell 2x units of the base material for then you salvage it. If it’s higher than the price of 2 units of the base material then you vendor it. The only exceptions being if it’s of immediate use to yourself or a friend for alts, or if it is obviously a rare find and not likely to drop again soon.

    Fourth (buried the lead here I’m afraid) do not underestimate the profit value of MF% (Magic Find %) on your equipment while you are leveling up, or while exploring. If the MF% of your equipment is high enough you will get drops when you otherwise would have gotten nothing on the RNG table, and you will consistently get higher grade items that will sell for much more.
    Personally, I always shoot for a MF% north of 20 as early as level 25 with all of my characters while they are leveling up. This gets easier to achieve the higher level you get, and once you are at least level 40 you should be able to easily reach a higher level of MF% without devoting all of your equipment to that purpose.

    HARVEST EVERYTHING!!!! Let no havestable node escape your wrath! Ever… I’m F***ing serious about this dammit! Everything sells on the Trading Post, but base components from harvestable nodes are always among the top sellers, and the fact that you get exp while harvesting them literally means you are hurting yourself in every possible way by not taking advantage of this resource in game.

    I’m not Daddy Warbucks, but I have managed to pay for extra bag slots… on all 7 characters, plus 2 for Meowska, and 3 extra tabs for my account bank… as well as puchasing influence to increase the size of my personal guild vault. My altitis has prevented me from reaching level 80 yet with any of my characters, but I’m north of 50 on 4 of them, and have had no problem with purchasing trait manuals, or outfitting them with the best gear for their level. (I do also craft… all 8 disciplines, and that costs more than a few copper as well.)

    Btw… been playing my engineer again lately (he’s one of my 50+ guys) and just wanted to say how ridiculously fun it is. Definitely one of the most versatile of the professions.

    1. Hiya mate – thank you for such a detailed and bloody helpful reply!

      I can happily confirm that I am abiding by a lot of your advise (some prior to it, some as a direct result of it) and it is really returning some coin!

      I harvest everything! Depending on the area I try to go for the lowest cost tools (steel or darksteel – I’m L64 but not past Timeberline Falls yet) and I sell the vast majority of this direct to the TP.This alone gets me a gold every few days to a week.

      Next I’ve decked myself out in a mix of MF & Cond Dam armour. I’m not sure how to check my MF rating but it’s above 25% for sure. Just doing that has secured me many more lovely things to salvage.

      When it comes to Salvage, I’m going to change my kits from Crude & Fine to Basic & Master tonight, that’s a promise! I do have a stage of Mystic kits ( I spent some gold to get gems to get stones to forge 250 kilts) and I save these for things with decent runes and the like on.

      So far I’ve spent about 4gp I can trace (i.e. not travel or repairs) and currently have about 8gp between my pocket, the TP & my bank. I hear that you can generate quite a bit in Orr so I’m looking forward to that.

      But first… I must battle Tequeitil! I’m send my engineer to pick up the sonic cannon, but I did that a few days ago and ever since then he’s been exploring Dredgehaunt & Timberline like he doesn’t have a care in the world 😀

      And yes, I bloody love the Engi!

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