Another day, another copper piece…

I tell you something for nothing, making money in Guild Wars 2 is hard. This is down to the simple fact that if you make a stack of gold pieces you can trade these for gems and use those to buy things from the cash shop such as character slots, storage upgrades and cosmetic items – the very same character slots, storage upgrades and cosmetic items you can buy with real money and not make-believe coins which is quite obviously the preferred option for Arenanet. Still, it *is* possible to make enough gold in game to buy things from the cash shop and that’s what I’ve set to trying this week.

I now have the bruises to prove it.

Ye gods! I’ve never been much good with money so to find out that the trading post really is not an auction house like the one in LOTRO but much more like our real world stock market has fried my brain a little. Add to that the fact that Arenanet have been very good at closing off any market opportunities such as wide spreads or over-valued demand spikes and you quickly get to the place that this fella got to – GW2 really is not an easy game to make money in and probably never will be.

Still, by eschewing crafting I had managed to save up a lot of mats and I found some of them were going for a few silver on the TP so in a mad splurge I made about 5 gold pieces which I have been hoarding jealously. I have looked for spreads but there are none (at least none I can see – I think you’d have to have a lot of time and money to either observe them happening or create them artificially). I have tried salvage and only ever broken even. My only money making scheme that works is mat farming, and only then for a very select few items (sesame seeds for instance).

Sigh. I hope you have better luck than me. And if you do, send a tip this way won’t you? 😉



  1. I’m reaching the storage cap on some maps (jute, wool, random leather tier, iron, silver, and gold). Now I know I can sell these right now and get some decent coin. But.. I’m still conflicted regarding crafting. The only craft I have remotely progressed is tailor (think I’ve made it to 260). I like being self sufficient, but I find myself short on mats as I progress… and I’d rather not spend the coin getting the items.. but I don’t want to be dependent on others when it comes to needing gear. I also want money which is equally hard to come by. I dunno what to do.

    1. I’ve decided not to craft in this game, at least not for a while. I think I’ll turn to it once I need a change of gear in the game. In the meantime I’m going to use sell orders to try and build up a slush fund 😀

  2. I’m finding that it’s far easier to flip and make small profits than it is to try and salvage or use the mystic forge. Going to post on this tomorrow, thanks for the link today.

    1. Hi Markco, I have you to thank for any success in (and understanding of) the Trading Post. If I hadn’t found your blog a few days ago I would still be stuck at 40 silver rather than just banked 4 gold 🙂

      1. I think it’s buying an item for cheap and then selling it for more. People “flip” houses in real life: buy a cheap house, renovate it for the cheapest they can, but then sell it for a large profit.

        It’s something I can’t seem to master. 😛

  3. My main is still only level 32, so I’m away off worrying too much about cash. That said, it sure mounts up slowly! I’m not crafting either, but I might try it at some stage…or I might sell all the mats if I need the cash…decisions, decisions!!

  4. What I do is salvage all the White drops and sell all the blues. Regarding the Greens, sometimes I sell and sometimes I throw them in the Mystic Forge, get something better that’s worth more and sell that. Unless, of course, I can use if for my character. Yellows I keep, those are worth more and salvaging them with a really good kit might prove worthwhile……and I do loads of DE’s and kill everything I see…..more trash in my inventory means more money in my pocket! 🙂

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