Where Dolyaks Go To Die…

Where is the Burro? In the middle of BusyTown, that’s where! Ye gods, work is insanely busy and on top of that all my brain can cope with in an evening is playing Guild Wars 2 as opposed to blogging about it. Once again I find myself glad I don’t write this thing for a living 😀

Ahhh, Guild Wars 2. The tales I’ve wanted to tell you, the blog posts I’ve started in my head and never taken any further in favour of playing “just a little bit more”. I don’t know where to begin with telling you just how amazing GW2 is and just how much fun I’m having playing it, so instead I’ll leave you with a small scene that I witnessed last night.

Whilst running through Centaur contested lands I found a small hollow in which several Dolyak corpses lay. For those not playing GW2, Dolyaks are large, shaggy, loveable beasts of burden who easily fit names like Daisy & Wooly so to see several of them dead was a shock. Not as much of a shock as I got next when a live one wandered past me into the hollow. It circled a patch of ground a few times as I noticed it seemed slow, grey & old before it lay down with a sigh. Suddenly a flock of crows appeared and I thought for one horrible minute they were going to attack it, but instead they circled it, silent as if they were waiting for something. The huge beast took one last juddering breath and died right there in front of me – at the same time the crows let out a cry and took to the air again as the ghostly form of the Doylak rose from its now lifeless body and walked ponderously off along an age old path to a hidden cave. I followed it in and saw the spirit walk up to, and then vanish at, a beautiful pool in the cave’s depths. As this was happening a small boy watched with his granddad who explained to the child how this was something that had gone on since time before memory.

Now come on, how bloody lovely is that?



  1. Ah I saw some of this.. not the crow bit. I had noticed a cave and then a ghostly dolyak walking through it scaring the other stuff in it. Eventually took me to a rich node. Later I saw the other dead dolyaks and caught the end of the conversation with the boy and his granddad. I love this sort of stuff in game. 🙂

    1. It’s these little things that make me love the world more and more each time I find one. It was the same in LOTRO – the quest that saw us stand with the Rangers at a memorial service for their fallen friends was simply amazing! GW2 seems packed to the rafters with such things – I’m really looking forward to finding out what happens at the graveyard in the settlement near Nebo once the sun goes down…

  2. The Harathi Highlands (the map where the scene you described took place) had several poignant moments for me as I explored it the first time. I think the one you described was perhaps my favorite, as I really enjoyed the norn grandparents putting what was unfolding into context for their grandson.

    The other that really stood out for me was the giant who wanted to visit the graves of friends long since passed away, but needed to be shrunk in order to fit into the cave where they were buried. His “conversations” with them at their gravesides were quite moving to me.

    The deeper into the game I go, the more I find that various maps have sort of “emotional themes” to them, or at least, they effect ME in particular ways when I’m adventuring/exploring in them. The first time I went due south of Lion’s Arch I had to stop, put on a Jimmy Buffet album to listen to in the background, and then proceed with the wonderfully tropical area I was exploring.

    1. Oooo the poor giant! I bloody loved that quest & I had no idea a) it was there, or b) it would be anything more than a jokey “Shrink the big man” romp and certainly it started out that way, but as you say, once he found the graves the entire mood changed. But even then there was a deeper tragedy they didn’t spell out. Did you read all the gravestones? The very last one was his son’s.

  3. I know what you mean about being too busy to convert good ideas for posts into actual ones…sheeesh, I’m busy at the moment! I thought that once the summer was out of the way, real life would slow down a little – no chance! Still, like yourself, loving GW2 whenever I get a spare 15 minutes…!

  4. Those inner blogs, they are so many! /sighs…… Sometimes I wish we had a diary/journal in-world where we could jot down all that fun stuff and exciting places we visit and then be able to copy/paste in our word processor before we leave……or better still just send it to our mail program! 🙂
    Oh YUS! After a day at work I’d rather play GW2 than write……and I thought I’d be writing endless posts….but wait, here’s to those posts that will come forth….eventually! 😀

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