Between the hooves and the boots…

There is a wonderfully de-forested plain in Guild Wars 2’s Kessex Hills where the Seraph and the Centaurs are locked in an ongoing tug-of-war struggle for dominance. As a player you get to beat off waves of invading Centaurs and should you fail then the Serpah are pushed back until they lose control of the area, a state that not only means travel there is more dangerous but the Seraph settlements have less to offer you in terms on vendors. The shot below is of Jurak (my main, a human engineer and at the time of typing this a proud Level 20) stood on the walls of the Seraph fort looking across to the Centaur encampment and I think you’ll agree it’s a bloody impressive looking place!

Whilst I was there, the Centaurs had been beaten back and the Seraph patrolled the camp (camp seems too small – this was a fort really) and I was checking out the vendors that had entered the fort with the Seraph when a dynamic event kicked off that saw the Centaurs try and retake their fort en masse. Boy that was a fun fight but in the end the combined might of the Seraph and the players saw them off and all was once more calm. And that’s when I heard something that piqued my interest. An NPC shouted to her commander (another NPC) that she had salvaged enough supplies to build an arrow cart that could protect the nearby mine… Mine? Arrow cart? This, I thought, must be one of the cues that Arenanet had said we must look for at the end of an event that would herald in another event, and boy did it ever!

Now I seemed to have been the only one to notice the NPCs because a few moments later I was alone and escorting the soldier with the supplies along the road. Thankfully by the time the Centaurs attacked (as you knew they must) a few other players had joined me and we had a long series of fun raiding attacks to deal with until we got to the mine settlement at which point the soldier built a working arrow cart (I used it, it was working alright) and left for the fort. Again the players began to vanish but I stuck around. Something about this cart, this working cart, struck me as odd. No one would put a working cart here if it wasn’t supposed to be used, would they?

Hell no! Although there seemed to be no NPC signal this time, the event chain moved on again and the Centaurs now attacked the village & mine! I leapt on the arrow cart and fired away like it was grouse season but I seemed to be the only one who knew the cart was there & could be used and soon I was overrun by Centaurs and the cart destroyed. By now a sizeable group of players had been attracted by the fight and the village was in chaos! There were Centaurs everywhere and the whole place was going off like Blackpool Illuminations (google it). I fought like a demon but their numbers were too many and I went down! And then a lucky kill rallied me and I was back in the action! I jumped back in with renewed vigour until, at long last, the Centaurs were, for the third time in that event chain, driven back. Boots had triumphed over hoofs, for a little while at least. Ahhh, good times 😉

And people wonder why I love dynamic events so much 😀

Take that, you strangely sexy hoofy, horny lady with a tail, you… Boy, now I think about it, I could quite easily fancy a Centaur…



  1. hehehehe………those dynamic events are fantastic! I see you’ve been roped in like I have! 😀 I ALWAYS stick around when one event is over, sometimes nothing happens, but other times it’s another huge “take this you bugger, hey pet poison (I have a spider at the moment) the blighter!”

    …and the scenery….I never get enough of it. Yesterday my level 43 ranger, Selir, found herself in the Dragonbrand! Oh my goodness! ……and suddenly a shadow flies overhead! (guess the shadow!) 😀 And the fun part is you can re-visit these places over and over again and you’ll still be rewarded for it! 😀

  2. The benefits of not being in a “rush to level cap” mentality and taking the time to really experience and enjoy what the game has to offer us encapsulated perfectly. Well done sir… a very entertaining read.

    I’ve never paid so much attention to what NPCs are “doing and saying” in any previous MMOs… when I see someone running (regardless of where they are running to, or from) I am immediately curious, and tend to follow them… I tend to loiter a bit at encampments just to evesdrop on conversations and see what the focus of attention for the locals is… and I’ve simply lost count of the number of times being interested in what the NPCs were doing has resulted in being rewarded with participation in another dynamic event chain from it’s beginning.

    I feel like we are really being encouraged to “live” in the world and not just “min-max / meta-game” it. At the very least, there is a lot of extra there for those of us who choose to do so…

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