Turning it to 11…

My new PC arrived yesterday. As it is somewhat of a contentious issue in the Burro household I neglected to do a happy dance or release the wOOts and cleverly opted for ignoring the ruddy great cardboard box in the front room to instead talking to Mrs Antfarm and the wee Gazellelings about their days. I nearly burst a blood vessel in my brain pan with the stress of it all* but I pulled it off and after I got The Boy to bed I decided that enough time had passed for me to nonchalantly unpack the beast* and disappear off to my tiny computer room and see what my new toy could do.

70 FPS in Guild Wars 2 with everything set to 11, that’s what! Bloody hell! It’s like (if you pardon the expression) shit off a shovel! All quad core i7 speed with GTX560 muscle. Take a look at the stats on the Amazon page here.

It’s a luxury, yes. But… but… Look just bugger off – you’re starting to sound like Mrs Antfarm. Leave me alone, you bullies!

* Me to The Boy: How was your day at school? Fine. Did you like your new teacher? Yeah. What did you do? Nuffin. Nothing? What about reading? No. Sums? Yeah. Ah, what sums. Don’t remember. OK, what about writing? No. No? You must have. Did some spelling. Ah, what words? Can’t remember. Well, hard or easy words? Both. Both? So you could do some but not others? I don’t even know what your saying Dad. *I gave up and muttered to myself about why I was daft enough to have had kids*

** not a euphemism, at least not in this instance, woof woof!



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