On the missing of Guild Wars 2…

Still in Canada, still living my Tyrian lives vicariously though the blogs of others (thanks to Ama for keeping me sane with tales of her increasing insanity :-D) and I find that every day my desire to play this game that 12 months ago I hadn’t even heard of grows stronger & stronger.

Damn you Arenanet, you lovely buggers you. Damn you & roll on my return flight! Hmmm, is it bad to be more worried about a plane crash because I’ll never get to play a computer game rather than the associated loss of wife & children?



  1. 😀 So glad I can be of help…..and OMG I couldn’t sleep! I’ve been tossing and turning and finally said that’s it to hell with it! I mean it’s 4.00am at the moment and may be, just may be in 3 hours the A Team will unlock their doors and madness with reign! I honestly feel like a kid again. Waking up early while all are asleep, trying not to make too much noise…..living in my secrete world! /giggles

    Honestly, this is crazy! Lovely, silly, wonderful craziness…..roll on! Roll on! You’ll soon be here HB 😀

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