Guild Wars 2: Tuesday 28th August it is, then…

Arenanet have gone and done it. Tuesday 28th August will see Guild Wars 2 finally released and I’m sure I join a whole heap of folks in doing a wee chair dance of joy around the office knowing that we are now just two short months away from finally getting into Tyria for keeps. Also I’ll be back from holiday the day before and no doubt so whacked out of my gourd with jet lag that I’ll be able to play at craaaazy times – yeehaw!

In the meantime, I hope to see you in the next (and final!) beta weekend of 20th to 22nd July (23rd for us UK-based GMTers). I’ll be there for a bit of it as always but I’m booking the 23rd off work (well, it is my birthday!) so I will also be able to play in the very last beta closing event which I’m hoping will be rather bloody amazing 😀



  1. Remember the T shirts on the wall photo that Rubi took when she visited the ArenaNet offices last winter…? 06 28 12 were the numbers on the jerseys…
    I’m just sayin’

    *Snoopy happy dance*

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