The Law is back in town!

I didn’t know there was another Judge Dredd film in the works until I saw Roger’s post over on Contains Moderate Peril today but I’m bloody glad there is as I have always loved a bit of Joe Dredd since first reading 2000AD as a nipper way back in 1979. Not only did I find out there was a new film coming out but there is also a ruddy trailer out as well! Oh happy day!

Still, I am one of the few that liked the 1995 Stalone film and I can’t help but feel that whilst that version had its problems it still managed to feel like it was the Mega City One I had grown up with and this new one doesn’t. The city itself doesn’t look like any Mega City One I’ve ever seen. The Law Masters look a bit like 1980s TV show props and Dredd’s helmet looks pretty stupid with his oddly toned down uniform, which in itself looks like a boiler suit (so many of the props & clothes made me think of old TV-based SciFi programs because they looked so cheap and badly fitting)! Still there is no denying that the premise of the tale looks good, especially the turning inwards of a traditional Block Wars with Dredd having to battle his way out rather than in – ohhhh momma that really does look good!

So roll on September and if the film does well this time maybe someone will make a Rogue Trooper film at long last!


  1. Sadly this film falls foul of another iron-clad law: “any film with ‘3D’ in the title is guaranteed to be worse than terrible”. No exceptions.

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