Guild Wars 2: Good news from the front lines of Tyria!

As my regular reader will know the current Gulls Wars 2 beta weekend event has worried me somewhat as I have been unable to play effectively in previous events thanks to a mixture of the new dodge mechanic and my lack of skill with mouse & keyboard.

Well I’m happy to announce that the changes to both my hardware and the game’s key binding options has meant I can actually play more! Not well I’ll grant you, but that is down to my crappy skills rather than any fault of the game itself ๐Ÿ˜€

So thank you Arenanet for listening – you’ve made me one happy bunny this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Man, the change to the keybindings really does help consolidate all of them down to a more managable area for the hands to cover.

    After more than a month away, it was a little difficult getting traction at first for me personally, but by the end of my session last night I was back to rolling through pretty good on my necro. (I also tried out a guardian and had some more time on my thief as well, but the necro keeps pulling me back everytime…)


      1. Yeah it did, I could bind dogde to my mouse, and that was really awesome and helped a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ . But I didn’t play very much the last weekend. I think it’s so useless to level a char, that will be deleted and I don’t want to see everything now. I really love the game, the stories and the races and I hope it will be released soon ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  2. Well… they just pulled the plug so I’m at the end of another marathon beta session. My first thoughts are of course about how sad it’s going to be tomorow when I can’t log on, but that’s to be expected.

    I was reasonably impressed with the guardian class… good durability, although surprisingly I still thought necro stayed in the #1 position on that list..
    Seems like thief got some nerfs that were a bit disappointing… probably dropped that class off of my personal list of characters, but there could still be more changes in store for it before launch.
    Mesmer was extremely disappointing… the class mechanic does not function anywhere close to smooth enough for my liking, and unless I hear about drastic changes there this class is now definitely off my list.
    Engineer was a revelation… definitely the big surprise of the weekend for me… It was incredible how much fun engi was, and in particular I really enjoyed the base weapons combined with turrets in the utility slots. Pistol/shield was a personal favorite but the rifle was good too, and every turret I tried proved useful in some fashion.
    Necro remains at the top of my personal list of characters, and will undoubtably be the first one I create at launch. Top marks for resiliency, good rating for versatility, and awesome style points… definitely going to be my main character unless something pretty drastic happens.

    At this point in time, the only profession that remains untested for me is the Ranger, and that will likely remain the case for as long as I continue to see dead pets wandering pathetically around events waiting for someone to revive them. Aside from the complication of them getting in the way of looting and rezzing other players, they are just annoying to me, and do not seem to prove useful in any meaningful way.

    So, the professions line up like this for me;
    Necro, elementalist, engineer, warrior, guardian, thief… and distant last are mesmer and ranger.

    Only 5 bug reports filed this weekend (compared to 9 in the 1st BWE.) Now, if someone will just manipulate the space-time continuim so that the game is magically “finished” and launches in the next month I would be a pretty happy camper.

    1. Hiya Archer – sorry for the delay in replying but it was another heavy weekend with lots of family stuff followed by a crazy Monday at work ๐Ÿ™‚

      In an attempt not to burn out/eat content/become disheartened this weekend I deliberately didn’t play much, just a few hours spread out over the three evenings and some of those with my 6yo lad which always slows the pace of play down a lot (he’s obsessed with jumping my guys over and into things!). Still, when I did play I only played a new guy, a human engineer and I stuck to the human Queensdale area again. In my mind this is a good option for me because I’ll be playing Sylvari when it launches so I’m only going to get used to one small area – the rest will still be new to me.

      I have to say that I bloody love the engineer! He was soooo much fun! I tried the pistol & shield but wasn’t 100% on what good the shield skills did and so ditched it for a rifle. I have to say that although the key binding options combined with my mouse and pad set up meant I could play easily (though not well, but that is not the game’s fault ;D) I still found my survivability increased dramatically with range. The No.4 skill on the rifle quickly became my favourite (it’s the one that kicks you back and sends the bad guy flying). From what I could tell, combat was still a matter of skill rotations though (open with 1, immobilise with 2, get close with 3, kick back with 4, jump to with 5, immobilise with 2, hit with whatever has cooled down and repeat if needed) but the need to keep moving (circle strafing in my case mixed with a few dodges when I remembered in time) made it feel much faster paced than combat in LOTRO (although I have always enjoyed fighting in LOTRO).

      The additional extras you could do were lovely too. I never got the hang of the grenades or mines (much more practice needed) but the turrets, both on land and under water, were genius! I managed to win a fair few fights I wouldn’t have done thanks to a turret helping out either with a distraction or simply with some extra damage. Netting or kicking a bad guy in front of a turret proved to be very effective indeed ๐Ÿ˜€

      All in all, this BWE mended my poor, wee broken heart and renewed both my enjoyment of MMOs but my desire to play a lot more GW2 as well.

      Oh, and I have to say that I didn’t mind the skill changes – I actually found the more gated progression a help as it narrowed my focus from “Jesus! What to I pick!” to “Jesus! What can’t I have all these!” ๐Ÿ™‚

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