Guild Wars 2: The signs look good for the next beta…

It’s been a few weeks since the stress test for GW2 broke my heart and in that time it seems I haven’t been the only one busy – indeed Arenanet seem to have done a bang up job of listening to user feedback (a revolutionary concept, I know!) and, as their blog post shows, implemented a crap ton of improvements to the game.

Lots of the improvements sound good (the clearer hit visuals, for example) but you’ll be unsurprised to hear that what has poked my python so much is the key binding changes! I first noticed this on the PCGamer 2 hour long (!) stream, which I in turn found out about from the always excellent Tales of Tyria, but it seems that not only have Arenanet listened to the player requests for modifier keys to be implemented (i.e. shift+ or ctrl+, etc.) but it seems they have also listened to me personally (honest!) and allowed two key bindings per action! This means I can not only have a greater ranger of keys in use, but I can bind simple actions such as movement to obvious keys such as the arrows so my wee lad can join in as well, something he has done with both LOTRO & GW1 but sadly couldn’t in GW2.

Now if only my shoulder gets better by Friday (I’m currently in a smidge of pain and tranqed up on Tramadol) *and* my new mouse & keypad layout works then I may just be one bloody happy bunny by Monday! Beyond that I just need to make sure I don’t burn out exploring the same areas again and again *or* eat into too much content thereby ruining the final game, something I know Brian from Contains Moderate Peril & MMOAsylum is also concerned about.

Whatever happens, it’s going to be a fun weekend 🙂


  1. Agree with you that ArenaNet has put some effort into listening to players. Sad that it surprises us, isn’t it?

    It looks like I’ll be playing this beta weekend minimally. Like you I have a new control system to work the kinks out of so I’m itching to spend some time getting that done (dodging in particular is difficult with the setup I’ve used for years). My biggest wish was to check out the missing two playable races — alas not to be this time it appears.

    1. Hi Archer &.Brian, sorry for a late reply but it’s been a very busy extended weekend over here and with a lot of work to catch up on after. Proper reply later today 🙂

    2. I’m not too bothered about there being no Sylvari as I know I want to play one so much I’d be unable to stop myself and therefore ruin the game launch for myself – I like to think of it as a ‘boxing glove in bed’ approach to self-abuse 😉

      As for the dodge mechanic, well only a few hours to go now and I will either be cheering like a fool or swearing like a bastard…

  2. I was also very happy to hear about many of the changes made; the key-binding, the improved functionality of the mini map, being able to maintain groups on overflow servers, etc…

    However, I was deeply disappointed with the introduction of tier structures (restrictions) to the utility skills and traits.
    I’ve already ranted about this here:

    but essentially, I believe it restricts player creativity needlessly in an attempt to tune to the lowest common denominator, and will encourage folks to “race to level cap” thus by-passing content.
    I can only hope that this foolishness is subsequently removed from the game prior to launch, but that hope is fairly unrealistic…
    It will take me awhile to get over the disappointment of this and return to simply enjoying the other facets of the game which I do still admire very much.

    1. Aye, this really does seem to have been a left-field move on Arenanet’s part and in one swift move they have gone from “try anything!” to “try these!”. Now I don’t have enough experience of MMOs to really say how (or even if) this will actually affect me, but I think it’s a strange move that I never thought they’d do – I just wish they’d explain their motives then at least we could see where they are coming from.

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