Newbie Blogger Initiative: That was the month that was…

This is it folks, the last day of May and the last day of the rather excellent Newbie Blogger Initiative and after a whole month of posting advice and offering support, what does Syp’s brave experiment have to show for itself? Only an impressively proportioned codpiece full of new blogs, that’s what!

I’ll leave the final word to Syp himself as I’ve copied his post directly below, but let me say that even though I never used the forums (forums really aren’t my thing) I have really enjoyed this drive. Not only do I feel as though I’ve put my experience out there for people to draw upon, but its provided me with a very enjoyable opportunity to re-examine why I blog. So thanks Syp, the Newbie Blogger Initiative was a blast!

Don’t forget that the forums are staying live so you can still visit and take part – just go here: and join up. Also why not take a journey through the huge number of new blogs and sponsor posts that Syp has present (and I have copied) below. And last but not least, why not check of Roger from Contains Moderate Peril’s excellent new post aggregation site here: You can read all of my NBI advice posts under the category “Newbie Blogger Initiative“.

And now, over to Syp 🙂

This is it!  The final NBI link-love list that I’ll be putting out this month.  I promised NBI participants and interested onlookers that I’d be compiling all of the new (and newish/undiscovered) blogs that have emerged this month, as well as all of the terrific advice that seasoned bloggers gave.  Here we go!

New blogs to check out:

Sponsor advice posts:

One comment

  1. Hiya. Sorry to be a wet-blanket, but there was a seemingly eternal problem with my Blogs domain that I managed to finally fix. This resulted in my domain finally and correctly being Sadly, the links in Syp’s post are using my now defunct domain:<–this is dead).

    Luckily, only the root domain on any link for links and feeds alike need changed and everything becomes rainbows and kittens.

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