Newbie Blogging Initiative: How to get noticed…

All kids love log. And all bloggers love attention. I know I do, attention and log. But as a blogger just how do you get noticed? I don’t know why you are asking me but I’ll give it my best shot…

First off write well and often. People don’t follow blogs that are dead or just downright awful. Once people follow you you’ll find at some of them will link to your blog, both in their blogrolls and posts and your readership will slowly increase. But if you are looking to be more proactive than that then here are a few tips I know other blogs have tried (not me, I’m far too lazy):

  • Find a niche, an alternative view point – give people something to think about and they will come back for more.
  • Get a gravatar and use it when you comment – that way you build up recognition and people can follow your comments back to your blog.
  • Join all the forums you can – post there and people will follow your profile back.
  • Look for well known blogs that may want a guest contributor – get a good guest spot and you’ll get known pretty quickly.
  • Syp from Biobreak contacted up all the other cool blogs and interviewed the owners – this is a great idea to both get known and up your readership in all the right circles.

This message was brought to you by the Newbie Blogger Initiative and Dr Burro’s Dept of Log!.


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