LOTRO: A bright but brief flame…

Today marks the end of my first annual subscription to LOTRO. As far as I can see it will also be my last.

I won’t go over the reasons for my dissatisfaction with the game again, suffice to say that although the premium wallet “scam” played its part, it’s fairer to say I just can’t face all the bloody pointless grind the game uses to keep the monthly subs rolling in. I can never collect another stupid missing page as long as I bloody live.

So today I’ll move from VIP to free/premium. I think I’ll have to cash some TPs in to keep all my character slots open but that’s fine. I spent last night consolidating inventories and upping everyone’s vault space to 120 with the gold I’d made in the auction house.

After that I tried to restart Ranhold’s trip through Moria but I found I just couldn’t be arsed. I was totally bored.

Sad times. Roll on Guild Wars 2 – let’s hope you can save me 😀


  1. Well… at least you’re still trying to give ’em a shot… after a decade of playing various MMOs (starting with EQ) I had to put them aside altogether. I simply can’t bring myself to play any of them due to the abrassive design flaws (especially on the social side) of the games. Everytime someone “tags” a mob, or takes a resource node I was headed towards, or fails to help with a difficult encounter because “it would take away exp and loot from me” and so, would not be helping at all…

    It was bad enough when I saw the manifesto video for GW2… that was just talk… wonderful, inspiring, full of hope talk, but just talk. Now, I’ve touched it, seen it with my own eyes… there is no going back for me.

    All “old-paradigm” MMOs are strictly off limits for me personally. They are more annoying than fun. I’ve had to limit myself to other types of video games over the last couple of years. Fortunately, the scale of time is experienced subjectively and relatively. If I were 15 years old, 2+ years of waiting would seem interminable, but at my current advanced state of decrepitude it’s hardly any time at all, and the “light at the end of the tunnel” will bloom forth into full, dazzling daylight no later than the end of this year.

    I recently tried the TSW beta also, hoping that another title would also step sufficiently away from the “old paradigm” for me to be able to enjoy it… no luck… the story and setting are fantastic, but the combat mechanics are clunky and subpar even by old paradigm standards.
    It also took almost no time at all before I was faced with “LFG” content that required pre-formed groups with each membership slot filled by narrowly restrictive “trinity” class roles… waiting to have fun while playing a MMO just doesn’t cut it anymore… not since playing GW2.

    1. I’m pretty much there with you. If it has a monthly fee, it’s out. If it makes you grind just to delay you eating content, it’s out. If it employs clunky mechanics such as the Legendary Weapons system in LOTRO by all that is holy the fucker is out!

      I’m not sure what I’ll move onto if GW2 proves to be less than I hope it will be, but I don’t think it will be another MMO. The genre has one last chance with me – I’m not spending years just putting up with things I don’t like for the few moments of joy as I did in Second Life. That is too much like real life to be justifiably called a hobby 😀

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