Newbie Blogger Initiative: What should you blog about?

An question that every person thinking about blogging asks at some point, I know I did. I started this blog after my previous blog came a natural end – the thing is, that blog had been written specifically to document the home improvements I was undertaking at the time where as this blog was harder to define. I started off telling a story but it quickly began to morph into a destination guide and then moving into the realms of a journal that found its way back towards being a story-based blog once more before finally settling as a hodgepodge of the lot. This is not a blog with a coherent voice, rather they are legion and they are are all, without exception, as dumb as mules and twice as rude.

Now if my experience is to help you, what can you take from the evolution of this blog? Well, first and foremost, whether you chose to roleplay from inside the game or present hard-nosed articles on its development outside, all you need to do is write. If you find you want to change your style then do it. Just keep writing and soon you’ll find where you are happiest. Sure your blog may not be the first with breaking news or have the most original content (I know I don’t, that’s for damn sure) but none of that matters when you find your voice because people won’t come so much to read what you say as how you say it. Say it well and they will come back.

So don’t worry about what to write, just write and write about what you are passionate about and you will enjoy your blog immensely – and so will your your readers!

This message was brought to you by the Newbie Blogger Initiative and Dr Burro’s pamphlet “Feel the fear and write it anyway: 101 tips for making post titles puntastic!”


  1. There seems to be a theme in a lot of the advice columns, and that is to WRITE! Like being beaten over the head with a shovel (in a good way) I’m definitely getting the message from all the sponsors. I enjoy writing and will be doing some more writing on my blog this weekend.

    Wait… did Giddeon say “beaten over the head with a shovel in a good way!?”

    1. *donk*

      That’s all there is too it mate. I always think that is a maroon like me can do it, then really good writers can do it. Drop me your url when you start up.

      Now assume the head meets shovel position again…


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