Newbie Blogging Initiative: Does Traffic Matter?

No. Yes. No. Maybe. Yes. No. Hope that’s clear.

Look, if you are hoping to take up blogging as a career then yeah, knowing your traffic and how to increase it matters because you’ll want your posts drawing in more readers in order to get noticed and open doors for you. But if like me you’re just blogging for your own personal amusement then as long as someone is reading your posts traffic numbers doesn’t really matter.

I have an average of 40 views a day on this blog which I reckon comes down to between 20 and 30 readers and I’ve had this average for years now. Every now and then a post gets picked up and my daily stats spike, but I doubt I keep many, if any, of the new readers brought in and that is fine with me. I don’t blog to gather readers, I blog to entertain myself, meet folks who like what I do and who hopefully do something similar themselves so I can follow their work.

Of course this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be interested in your traffic – maybe you want to mine the stats (1) in a way I don’t (I look at my blog stats every couple of days but only out of curiosity rather than a desire to analyse and capture the ephemeral ‘something’ that makes one post work and another not) and that is fine, I just don’t want you getting hung up on the numbers. Popularity is an illusion and internet traffic doubly so.

(1) WordPress has an amazing toolset for analysing your blog stats, links and followers. Just another reason to fly WordPress 🙂


  1. I was wondering how many hits other blogs get. I usually get between 40-50 a day, less at weekends probably when people aren’t at work! But yes, I suspect most are just passing through and have found my blog via random searches. It’s a little pleasure of mine to glance through the search terms used..bizzarely I’ve got a lot of hits relating to laptops and poetry, I once wrote a poem about my new laptop. I never thought the topic would be so popular.

    1. Ohhhhh the search term game is brill! Back in the days of my gardening blog I used to get a whole heap of bizarre ones that always made me smile. The funniest one I have had today in “funny welsh moles”. How the bloody hell does someone come to type that into google? 😀

      1. Well… you certainly wouldn’t want to be looking for the “serious welsh moles” … ;-p

        And honestly, what a person happens to type into a google, after perhaps imbibing, late at night, and without the proper supervision of a registered psychiatric nurse (because that trollop can’t be bothered!) really shouldn’t be a source of ridicule…
        *looks around “innocently”*
        I’m just sayin’…

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