#GW2: A Great Beta Review Podcast

Over on Contains Moderate Peril Roger & Brian have released a great podcast talking about their experiences in last weekend’s beta event. It’s fair to say they enjoyed it, but like me are still reserving judgement until the final game is released and has been running for while. Anyhoo, take a listen here: http://www.containsmoderateperil.com/contains-moderate-peril-episode-57-guild-wars-2-beta-event/


  1. Thank-you for this link… I very much enjoyed that podcast, and found the participants (and their discussion) to be thoughtful, intelligent, and entertaining. It’s quite clear that they are relative new-comers to GW2 (or, at least they haven’t been following the game’s development as obsessively as I have) but it was fun to listen to them recount their experiences.

    The player community (including it’s media) have become somewhat jaded after so many other titles have proven to not meet expectations, or have viable staying power, so I’m completely sympathetic to the more cautious approach many folks are taking towards GW2 (like the fellows in this podcast) although it’s very different from my own experience of the beta.

    So many of my expectations for the game were either met, or even exceeded, and my personal experience of the beta (taking it as a beta TEST, and not a finished, polished, launched game) was overwhelmingly positive. I was quite enthusiastic about the game before the recent BWE… now, I’m afraid I’ve drunk the cool-aid… I’m all in.

    Actually, this week has been somewhat miserable for me, as I normally spend a fair amount of each day playing various games, but haven’t been able to bring myself to do so because… they are not GW2. *sigh* I would rather play the GW2 beta, than any other “finished” game currently available.

    1. Hi Archer, sorry for this late reply but I’ve been laid up with the dreaded lurgy 😦

      I’m glad you enjoyed CMP’s podcast – I agree totally about Roger & Brian’s measured views. Even though they are new to GW2, they have a wealth of experience with other MMOs they can bring to their discussions.

      I have to say I have missed playin GW2 this week too, as has my son who loved playing a guardian. Still, another beta is only weeks away and we can’t be too far from release… can we?

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