#GW2: My first impressions from the beta…

Well it took me a while to actually get in (the servers must have melted through the Earth’s crust faster than Three Mile Island) but when I did I have had a good time.

Look, it’s still a MMO. It’s about killing monsters, leveling up & exploring dungeons, but is it different enough from LOTRO’s grindfest to make me want to play it?

Yes. And no. But mainly yes.

The no is simply down to the fact I’ve not played far enough into the game thanks to servers crashing & my 6yo lad wanting to play a Guardian & “meet the beautiful queen”.

The yes is because since I managed to get the gazelling off and play my human warrior, I’ve had non-stop action! Eveywhere you go stuff is happening, by which I mean it’s kicking off like Saturday night in the local Yate’s Wine Lodge! I’ve never had to click on anyone to get a quest or turn one in, I just find myself in quests and being rewarded in a mail message that pops into you UI. Easy, accessible & just fun.

Honestly, I doubt I’d ever be bored playing this game in the same way I’m never bored by the Left 4 Dead games. Even though the gameplay is the same, the fights are dynamic and challenging and fun.

So far the only hassle I’m having is trying to find a keyboard setup that works. The fact this game adds dodging & the need to kite into the mix means my mouse & keyboard setup that I’ve used for 18 years won’t work & I’m having to retrain myself in what is proving to be a difficult & painful process.

By the way, the only reason I’m posting this instead of playing is my server has died again. That and The Boy wants to watch TV with me 😀


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