#GW2: In lieu of horns…

As many of my old Second Life friends will know, I had (have) a penchant for horns. So far I’ve been unable to carry this across to other words as easily as Sal has taken his skin colour. It seems blue skin is almost always OK, but ruddy great goring aids atop your noggin isn’t. I blame low door jams.

Guild Wars 2 is a little different in so much as I can have horns, but only if I want to be a Charr. Unfortunately I don’t (not ever, just not now) as I like to play more humanoid characters in order to relate to them more fully. Maybe it’s all that fur. Yes, I know I had fur in SL but it was short. And I took a lot of baths. But I digress. The point is I can’t have horns unless I’m a great stinking Charr.

But I can have branches! Oh yeah, you heard me, branches! And ever since seeing King Balor in Hellboy 2 I’ve wanted branches…

…and the Sylvari in GW2 can fulfil my desire in spades! Take a look at the next video – after the Charr opening cinematic you get to see a demo-limited view of how wonderfully nearly-human-yet-utterly-alien the Sylvari look. They don’t have bones and tendons and flesh and skin. Instead they are plants made from strong heart-wood, movable cell-structures, elongated leaves, overlapping petals and, of course, branches. Their faces do not have cheek bones or eye brows, they have specialised leaves and flower parts that replicate a humanoid shape. They are not dryads for they are not spirits. They are not elves and will not moan endlessly on about the end of the world like certain elves in another game. No, they are plants that walk, talk, eat, laugh, think and fight and by god they are going to be glorious!

I may not be a half-gazelle on Tyria, but damn if being a Sylvari isn’t going to be the closet I’ve ever been since leaving Second Life a year ago.

Bonus vids!

Here is homeland, the Pale Tree that bears them as fruit.

And finally here are the designers discussing their creation.




  1. “… view of how wonderfully nearly-human-yet-utterly-alien the Sylvari look. ”

    That, in a nutshell, perfectly describes my interest in this particular race for GW2. It certainly doesn’t hurt that their starting area is an incredible looking swamp/forest too.

    (Btw… since this is my first comment here (I’ve been lurking, and enjoying, the blog for a little while now) I just wanted to add how much I’ve been enjoying your posts, and your interest in / enthusiasm for GW2.)

    1. Hi there! Thanks for commenting – I love comments and pretty much always reply 😀

      I only came acros GW2 late last year when I started listening to Massively Speaking for the first time – it was at the time Shawn handed over to Justin and Rubi. Rubi was always on about this game and I just had to check it out. It’s fair to say I was not impressed at first as it had (has!) a very Asian/Manga art style that tends to put me off – huge armour doesn’t really grab me and some of the shoulder guards are ridonkulous! 😀

      But the more and more I heard about the fight to remove grind, and the more and more lore I read, I fell more and more in love with it and pow! here I am waiting for the beta in… 23h 19m 15s… 😀

  2. 😀 awww…..but the Charr are so cute, all fuzzy and I love the way they run. I tried one and they are pretty neat….but then again so are the Sylvari, I think they are extraordinary beings and I find their lore so fascinating, the fact that they have this collective knowledge is just fun to know about!

    I see hours of fun ahead! WOOT 😀

    1. I have to say I *am* looking forward to playing the Charr one day as their animations are just bloody wonderful! I also love the 4 faction dynamic they have going on. So far the least interesting to me are the Norn – even with their lovely (if giant) pneumatic norks.

      1. I was reading a bit of Norn lore earlier, interesting stuff. I guess you just have to get to know them a bit. All race seem to have something good going for them. 🙂

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