#GW2: In the beta, I shall be mostly playing PvE… and some WvW!

When it comes to what I’ll be doing with my limited time in the GW2 beta this weekend, I will be concentrating mainly on PvE with a dash of WvW but not PvP. This isn’t because I don’t want to play PvP, just that I don’t want to play it as much as the other two. PvP has always struck me as too competitive for my tastes, too full of people just wanting to wipe the floor with you for no reason other than… well, fuck knows. It’s why I fell out of love with CoC Black Ops so quickly – just being killed endlessly is no fun.

I think WvW will be a more satisfactory experience of inter-player combat for me as the systems have been set up to allow, at one end, large groups of people (such as organised guilds) to co-ordinate huge raids on enemy keeps all the way to the other end where small teams of casual players can take out or defend supply lines. As I see myself firmly at the casual end of that spectrum, I am *really* excited by this as it means I can take part in the war rather than finding myself ignored by the cool kids and left on the bench like the wheezy kid in a school PE lesson.

But even more than some rampant WvW action, I’m itching to get into the core PvE. This is partly because this will be the main game for me when the final version is launched but also because I want to check out just how grind-free the game actually is. My guess is still quite grindy in places but the key will be how enjoyable they have made these places – a pig in dress may well still be a pig, but it’s in a dress. A dress for gawd’s sake! That cost money that did. And it’s such a pretty colour. Aww, what a lovely pig.

Anyhoo, here are a couple of World vs World videos for you to drool over 🙂


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