#GW2: In the beta, I shall be mostly playing an ‘ooman bean…

To be honest I’ve been torn about just what I’ll do in the beta this coming weekend. I want so much to get into the game and start playing a Sylvari that I am pretty sure if Arenanet had made this race available I’d be right in there spending ages tweaking my branchy head to look like this. Happily for me (mainly because I can keep such things until the game actually launches) they didn’t so I only have the choice of Human, Norn or Charr.

Well, in order to manoeuvre the gold lady Apeth into accepting I’m not going to be around much this weekend I’ve been engaging in some shameless use of Gazelling Number 1, to wit promising The Boy he can spend the weekend playing along with me. The missus is not happy but in this battle there are no rules, only desperate measures. Of course the downside of this is he has had a large say in what I’ll be rolling and as he doesn’t like the Charr I’m left with either Human or Norn.

The Norn are cool, but the body shapes put me off – all huge muscles on the blokes and eye-watering norks on the ladies. Shudder. not my style.

So Human it is then. At least that way I get to explore the beautiful Divinity’s Reach and that alone is worth the price of a ticket 🙂



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