#GW2: Nearly there…*

The first public beta for Guild Wars 2 starts this Friday and I am, it is fair to say, rather bloody excited. Time differences mean that it won’t start in the UK until about 8pm GMT but I don’t hold out much hope of getting online then** so it will have to be Saturday before I can finally breathe the air of Tyria in the game that’s currently haunting my every waking (and sleeping) hour. Still I’ll be busy with family duties most of Saturday so it’ll be the evening before I can log in again but then after that I plan to spend as much of Sunday as possible fighting the good fight against the Centaurs and bandits assailing Divinity’s Reach. The time difference also means that the beta won’t finish here until sometime on Monday but I can’t get the time off work (not without leaving my colleagues in the lurch and that’s not my style) so I’ll have to make do with a late Sunday night until the next beta sometime next month. Oh to be a journo paid to stay there throughout the whole thing. Sigh.

Still, no matter how little time I get in this beta, I’ll have a great time playing a human guardian with my lad. You see I’ve been sharing my passion for this game with my family but so far the only one interested in my six year old son and he’s almost as eager as I am to get playing 😀

This week can not go fast enough…

* Not really but I’ll take anything right in lieu of a release date 😀

** Unless Arenanet’s plans for over-load servers are put into place and work. Fingers crossed!



    1. Neither mate, one off purchase of £50. It’s worth it for the PvE but with the cool PvP & amazing World vs World it’s well worth it!

      Also you can move between servers freely to play with friends and you are side-kicked down so lower level content is always fun & a challenge.

      Most importantly – no fucking grind 😀

          1. it does! I am tempted… but I’m sort of being more tempted by The Secret World… 😉 well to be honest its probably more like what I can tempt Dimzad to play and I’m not sure there’s an MMO out there (or nearly out there) that’s gonna do it. hmm we shall see 🙂

              1. 😦 slightly randomly but just suddenly wondered if it feels the same for those people who can’t get their other halves to watch Eastenders with them or something… lol sorry mad thought which made me giggle for some reason 😉

                1. heh, I suppose it is really, except a TV prog is more passive than a game, especially one with a social aspect and I think this is why they lead to more resentment from partners who feel excluded yet also don’t want to try and be included *grumble grumble*

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