Some great Guild Wars 2 videos

As my regular reader will know, I’m all a tingle for the hopefully-soon-to-be-released Guild Wars 2 and much in the way of Justin’s pre-game rituals of devouring podcasts on the subject (a habit I share) I have enjoyed scratching the itch of wanting to play with waatching just about every video I could find from the two recent beta weekends. As I’m a sharing soul, here are a list of my favourite’s and I would urge anyone reading (snort) to take a gander and see just why I think GW2 will be such a fun game to play. Enjoy 😀

First off, you should watch the offical game manifesto to see what all the fuss is about. The game is designed to be fun, not a chore.

Next you should take a look at Totalbiscuit’s report on dynamic events – see how they gather speed and from a humble start end up with you in a pitch battle feeling all heroic and studly, something I never got enough of in LOTRO.

Totalbiscuit also had some other great vids from the beta’s too, such as:
His general feelings on the game (spoiler – he liked it a lot):
His experiences underwater
In one of the explorable dungeons
And finally with the traits system

The lads over on Yogscast had the most extensive coverage of just about anyone I think and they put out some brilliant stuff from both weekends. Highlights were detailed views of character creation & starter areas, lots of World vs world play, class overviews galore and some great exploration guides! Too mnay to list so just go to their GW2 page and take a look at their wares 🙂

Massively had a few but not as easy to find as some other’s so here is a link to their GW2 reporter’s page:

Finally Gamebreaker TV had a barrel full of them too. Head over to their site here and check out BFF’s city guides to see just how gorgeous the main Human, Charr & Norn capitals are! He also gave some great, fun reports on World vs World here & here.

Finally there was a good round up of links over on the Areanet blog that linked to some of these videos as well as podcasts and blogposts. Go read now!


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