GW2: On playing with fire…

A few posts ago I laid out my plans to (and reasons for) play a Sylvari in the upcoming Guild Wars 2 but I didn’t lay out my plans for my first class. Now I know you’ve been losing sleep over it so let me help you release that baited breath and tell you that I’ll be playing an elementalist.

Now a magic user is an odd choice of profession for me, just as an elven character is a odd race but that is testament to GW2’s interesting designs I feel. Normally I’m happiest with a simple in-yer-face warrior type such as LOTRO’s Champion but something about the Ele (as I will will now call it to save my poor fingers) calls me even though it looks like a very complex class indeed.

Actually, I say that but I don’t think it looks that complex. The Guardian looks more complex to me, but then I’ve never really enjoyed the support classes. The Ele just looks like a class with a butt full of skills to remember. It looks like a dancing class, wheeling and kiting and attacking and retreating non-stop, all the while switching attunement between the four elements to achieve different effects from damage to slowing to healing. In that way the Ele seems much more like a mix of LOTRO’s Rune-Keeper & Warden, two classes I enjoyed greatly.

So that’s me, a leafy flame-thrower 🙂 Take a look at the Yogscast video on the Ele as that shows just how much fun the class looks.


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