#GW2: The Green Man…

I’ve been bouncing this post around the drafts folder of my mind for a couple of weeks now yet always seemed to have other things to write about instead. But today I read Justin’s post over on Biobreak covering exactly the same subject and it kicked me into gear – it’s time to decide what type of character I’m going to play in Guild Wars 2 when it comes out 😀

Justin took exactly the opposite direction to me, favouring a small Assura and wanting to play a female. As readers of my drivel will know, I never play anything other than men and generally prefer a human type. When it comes to Elves, well I will play them but I’ve never enjoyed them really – they tend to be either arrogant pricks or effete whingers and the ones in LOTRO tend to annoy me a lot. Still, to be fair, they don’t annoy me as much as the pissing dwarves who are like a bunch of Yorkshire stereotypes bellowing in your ear every two minutes and waffling on and on about how clever they all are at making things. Jesus! We get it guys – you tall ones are sad and you small ones are angry, now can you both please shut up and bugger off!

So when it comes to GW2 you’d expect me to play a male human right? I mean I certainly did, so you can imagine my own surprise when I found myself daydreaming  about playing a Charr (a very angry, tall, hairy dwarf) or a Sylvari (a leafy elf). I know! Me! I’m just as shocked, you know.

In the end I’ve plumped for a Sylvari, an elf-like race that are actually plants, grown as they are on a great, sentient tree. They feel fresh to me, they don’t feel like an elf. I could be wrong, but well… I just don’t think so. I love the idea of them being walking plants, I love the fact they are leaves and sap and branches, and I love the fact I can have a head like King Balor!

Next I had the professions to consider, but I think that is the subject of another post, don’t you?


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