#STO: A Burro Boldly Going…

As I type this post on my wee netbook, my desktop is downloading the Star Trek Online client as I’m moving over to that game (which is free to play) to see if I’ll like it now that LOTRO & I are in the middle of a frosty divorce. I didn’t even consider Star Wars The Old Republic because I don’t much like the SW universe and have always preferred ST instead*.

I’m still going to play LOTRO, but not for a while and not in any meaningful way until my feelings change towards it. In the meantime, and before Guild Wars 2 launches, I intend to join Star Fleet and explore the universe for a while 🙂

* There are a couple of reasons for this, the first is that I watched all the original Kirk & Spock episodes with my Dad when I was a nipper so I have a huge amount of love for something I shared with my old man. This obviously isn’t SW’s fault but what I have always seen as a terrible lack of ambition in SW is. ST was always about exploring, finding new things, repelling huge alien invasions and it always gave me a heroic image to aspire to. SW is essentially a fight between dull characters in the middle of a bloody a trade dispute. Christ, paint me pink and call me a pony but that bores me silly.



  1. Ok HB, you’ve inspired me. I think one of the things i’m gonna do with my “new life” (just invented that) is head over to Star Trek Online too. Hope you’ll be posting about your progress there.

  2. I’ve downloaded too and have yet to get out of the tutorial (the space combat was um… challenging :P)

    as DS9 was my favourite series, I’ve made a Trill Science Officer (and no I didn’t sit there going ooh is that leonard nimoy doing the voiceover! ooh look a door that magically slides open!!* yah phaser set to KILL KILL KILL! die borg die! great nerdy fun :D) I managed to resist temptation and not name my ship Red Dwarf and named it instead… USS Gwaihir 😀

    * i dunno why i got so excited by the door opening ‘magically’ with the shhhtt sound as really I could get the same experience at my local high street 😉

    /goes off to see if I can get out of the tutorial

    1. Hehe, yup I found the space combat a little confusing & I’m not sure how well I’d do in a big fight outside of the tutorial 🙂

      I’ll get back into it soon, but I am neck deep in cases in LA Noire right now – it was £12 on sream & is, so far, ace!

  3. ah cool. yeah I tried it again and um well I got lost, had no idea how to find my objective or really how to control the ship and gave up again so um I may be boldly going nowhere (or possibly circles or down a lot as the W key doesn’t move you forward) 😛

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