#LOTRO: A Welcome Change of Pace…

Lest you all (all ten of you that is) think I no longer love LOTRO and instead want to run off into the hills with that hussy Guild Wars 2, well you’d be right… but only half right!

Yes I want GW2. I want it scrubbed and oiled and brought to my tent (along with Miranda Kerr) but I still love LOTRO. True I find the grinding I’ve had to endure of late a total pain in the spuds, but just when you are about to give it all up and rage quit, the Devs reward you with a little nugget of genius and you find once again you’re in love and back down to thinking of Miranda Kerr every other minute. Did I say Miranda Kerr? I meant Guild Wars Kerr. Silly me.

One such moment of shining beauty came last night, and it couldn’t have come a moment sooner as I was just about to log out and scream at a blank wall about the endless bloody travelling at the end of Volume 1 (if the rangers made me go between the room with the Angmarim prisoner & the Elf lord one more bloody time, I swear to all I hold holy I would have strangled a kitten). Suddenly, after yet another unsurprising display of incompetence by Middle Earth’s finest Keystone Rangers, I was invited to a funeral for some of them (it really is no wonder they are a dying race, bloody idiots) and my night was saved by what turned out to be a really well thought out and genuinely touching ‘quest’ in which I was honoured to be present for the eulogies & interment.

This was such a change of pace, no running about killing tough high-up bad guys or delivering messages to the four corners of Eriador, and it really helped humanise the struggle my character was now part of. There were people here being mourned, and I had a direct connection to them. If the threat of Angmar and of the East was not checked, not fought back and stopped, then I stood to lose everything and everyone I held dear just as these Rangers had lost so much. The war mattered and had to be fought.

Unfortunately my next quest was to run up two hills and look for dust clouds. Fuck a duck.

Still, here is a slideshow I made of the event – enjoy 🙂



  1. i remember that… it was very well done. the epic story for Moria/Lothlorien/Mirkwood is also excellent – something to look forward to 🙂 (nb. as per… still a lot of running around to do and best done in small chunks ;))

  2. These story quests are among my favorite, and I particularly loved this one, even though I roll my eyes every time Calenglad shows up normally.

    And while I proudly wear the garb of the Grey Company, and am their ambassador…sonovabitch, where did they get some of these guys?

    At the Volare household, We have proposed a Dunedain drinking game
    1 drink every time they sigh over their legacy or wring their hands over the fate of their cheiftain
    1 drink everytime they would help you in a fight but, owie, their poor widdle feet are swollen
    2 drinks everytime Calenglad opens his mouth, Golodir goes Don Quixote, or Halbarad facepalms

    1. Ha! Indeed, the Keystone Rangers often make me wince with shame – they are so freaking dumb! I think Aragorn his his true nature because he didn’t want to be associated with such a bunch of plonkers!

  3. Fani just did that quest herself, playing catchup. I hustled her into Moria as soon as I could, so now am taking her back to finish up epic quest stuff from Book 1. I do have to say that Annuminas was much more fun with an overpowered Champion than it had been with my Hunter 😉 But then Fani is less a fan of good sportsmanship and fair fighting and more a fan of a quick cleanup and then a nice hot bubblebath!

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