#LOTRO: Erm, hello?

Riding through North Downs towards the Angmar gate for Vol 1 Book 9 Chapter 3 (aka “Please run all over Middle Earth… again!” quest) when I hear the “you have a Tell” *ping*…

Him: I need some assistance.

Me: Erm… do I know you?

Him: No.

*pause while waiting for more info… nothing comes*

Me: Ok, well what is wrong?

Him: My sword is broken. Can you give me one?

Me: What? You need to get it repaired at an NPC.

Him: No time. Can you help?

Me: Where are you?

Him: On road.

Me: North or south?

Him: South

Me: *rides off and finds him on the north part of the road* Hello.

Him: *nothing*

Me: OK, look you are level 16 & I’m 52 so I can’t give you a sword, you can’t use what I have.

Him: Oh, ok.


Me: Is that it?

Him: Yes.

Me: You pulled me off my quest all the way here for that?

Him: Srrry (sic)

Me: You (expletives deleted) are blocked you (ditto).



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