#LOTRO: “You, you were supposed to be a monster…”

Last night I realised what a bastard I am.

I realised this as I, or rather Keltorn, was slaughtering his twentieth Dunlending wood cutter. An Elf in Erigion’s Gwingris had sent me out there to kill twelve of these poor buggers and I had set about my task with a certain amount of unhealthy glee* (and an even unhealthier dose of resigned boredom) when it hit me. What a bastard I was.

Here these poor fuckers were, just cutting down trees. True they weren’t their trees but we aren’t talking about industrial harvesting here. Also true they were cutting them down to feed Saurman’s war machine, but these guys weren’t Saurman or any of his generals, they were just labourers and their guards. True they were Dunlendings, but that doesn’t make them inherently evil – many Dunlendings stood against Saurman and those that fought with him were tricked with promises of vengeance for what could very easily be seen to be a legitimate grievance over the Gondorian kings giving their traditional lands to the Rohirrim horsemen. And here I was, taking sides in a fight I, or rather Keltorn, had so little information about he shouldn’t have been forming an opinion on, let alone killing people for.

Yet I was doing just that.

Unlike hacking down orcs and goblins, there were no monsters in this fight. No monsters but me.

What a bastard.

* Glee because it afforded me chance to get more pages of my legendary skills books, more XP to get me nearer level 45 and my legendary weapon and more Dunlending kills to secure me a racial bonus that would help my evade and block ratings in combat. Not only were these poor fuckers part of a conflict Keltron didn’t understand, they were placed there *just* to be killed which also explains the resigned boredom bit.



  1. Whenever I feel bad about that sort of thing, I comfort myself that they’ll be respawning soon anyway, and maybe being dead is the only chance they get to rest! There seem to be many fewer beds in the world (any world) than there are NPCs (even if they sleep in three or four shifts).

  2. the interesting thing about lotro is that the mobs never actually *technically* kill us (we can retreat to the beginning of the zone or a kind minstrel or similar gives us a good talking to and raises our morale again) so as Dale says its quite possible that the same things happen to the mobs – we never kill them… just really really demoralise them so they sort of um go away and come back when we’re not looking 😉

    but yeah I do get your point 😀

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