#LOTRO: Update 5, how I loves ya!

Yesterday saw the release of Update 5 for LOTRO, an event I was neither excited nor depressed about, rather I was a happy passenger as most of what has come with Rise of Isengard has passed me by (or, more likely, gone over my head) and with the exception of my Champion now being a viable tank and all-round badass I’ve merely carried on carrying on. But Update 5 has changed all that. And why (I hear two of you eventually ask in a sullen tone that I am certain I don’t like)? Well I’ll tell you.


That’s right, you heard me, marks. Skirmish marks to be exact. Up until now the currency you got as a reward for skirmishes was a confusing jumble of (frankly) low value crap. In the two months I’ve been skirmishing with Keltorn I have barely earned enough for upgrading my soldier’s skills let alone the much-needed crafting items and much-wanted cosmetic items they supposedly could be exchanged for. Skirmishing to me was a grind for little reward – a fun grind maybe, but a grind nonetheless.

Update 5 has changed this. The LOTRO Devs have simplified all the various mark-type reward currencies down to a simple mix of three and on top of that they have reduced the cost of the much-needed & wanted items they can can purchase. In two minutes last night I managed to ‘buy’ more cosmetic items than I had dome in the past two months, all without running one single skirmish. Add to that the fact that the Instance Join makes finding a skirmish a cake walk and what Turbine have done is finally turn me on to Skirmishing! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord I’m a convert!

Addendum: In the interests of balance I should point out that many folks are not happy with either the Rise of Isengard expansion or Update 5 as they feel they were both rushed out unfinished & untested (the later specifically to trump SWTOR early opening later this week). I don’t know, I haven’t got to the Isengard areas yet and won’t for many moons – hell I suspect it’ll be Update 7 or 8 by then – but the list of known issues and bugs for Update 5 was released at the same time as it went live which struck me as odd. And what a whopper! It’s a huge list! Really! Giant’s cock length! I kid you not! The biggest  Uh-Uh for me is that “Assisted Movement” has stopped turning you to face an enemy and now merely has you charging at it like a mentalist – not great for ranged classes I can tell you ;-D



  1. I am sort of in the same boat. Belandwen has ventured into the new region and done some quests and mining, it was great fun and I loved the stories.
    The only problem I have had with update 5 so far is resolved, but was dramatic. I logged in yesterday and was continuing the Mirkwood Dol Guldur skirmishes/instances. But when I attacked my first mob in the skirmish, rather than firing my barbed arrow I suddenly was running towards the giant troll with swords waving. I am a Hunter, not a tank. The result was predictible. After a moment of WTF??!! I returned to the instance and suffered the same results – when I initiated combat I was immediately sucked into the center of the mob I was attacking and was doing melee rather than ranged attacks.
    A perusal of the release notes revealed a small mention that there was a bug when one had combat targetting assist enabled. No kidding. Turning this off solved my problem 🙂
    I love the consolidated marks/tokens, and look forward eagerly to the anniversary doings coming up!

  2. I started just as this spring festival finished this year so missed it, but I hear great things about the winter one – the chance to help (or not) the poor and to act in a Hobbit theatre show retelling Bilbo’s mysterious vanishing from his 111th birthday party both have me drooling with anticipation ;-D

    What I *really* need to to do is get me a goat – I hear Moria is a real headache without one 🙂

  3. am hoping to hit the isengard instances soon, though am worried I might have to complete an epic book to access them (am behind on epic book and hate having to decide whether to rush through in order to gain access to somewhere :P)

    The new store goat (not sure if its out yet) is pure white and is definitely the best looking of the goats (hur hur) and I’m tempted to get one for eldaeriel lol, but the best value goat ( in terms of easiness to grind), I’ve heard is the Thorin’s Hall faction one (apologies if you knew that already!)

  4. I have a bit of a mount addiction 🙂
    Am drooling over the new store goat – gorgeous and with the right stats too!
    I have the Thorin’s Hall goat and the Moria Miner’s goat as well, and got my Thorin’s Hall goat for use in Moria. Getting the Moria rep goat takes a while, and having the basic goat with only 60 life gets really aggravating after a while 🙂 The hubby did most of Moria with the basic goat and was fine with it, but I lack patience…

    1. After this comment mate, I decided it was time Ranhold got a Thorin’s goat. A quick google showed that Sarnur was the best place to get the rep items needed. Sarnur turned out to be a wee bit harder than I thought! Luckily a kind kinny helped me get a legendary sword via the Watch in the Water quest line and I went back full of vim and vigour. In no time at all I’d made Kindred and had a goat to call my own 😀

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