#LOTRO: Snow, snow and more ruddy snow…

My wee gazelleling looked at me yesterday and said “It’s flipping chaos in this house!” and he is right. Family have descended upon us and me and the The Boy are besieged by noisy women. I’ve taken to my computer room and he’s being killed by a thousand aunty kisses and hugs. Still, better him than me and his sacrifice means I am getting some serious game time in 😀

Ranhold – Man, Champion, Historian, Master Expert Weaponsmith & Master Scholar. Level 48

After the fun and excitement of raiding in Annuminas and watching the Fellowship leave Rivendell, I decided it was high time Ranhold got back on the Epic Story line and met up with Gimli. That was all well and good except I had figured on how much I would hate the misty mountains.

Seriously! there is fuck all there but monsters! I decided it was actually high time I cleared out some quests in other areas instead and I headed back west with all speed. The quests I handed in eventually led me to Forocel and although I had long wanted to go there my brush with the snowy wastes of the Misty Mountains had left a sour taste in my mouth. Still, I had a quest to hand in so I pressed on through and boy am I glad I did!

Forocel is NOTHING like the misty mountains. For one thing it is full of people (and monsters). People who want you do things for them. People who have a complex (by the game’s standards, maybe not quite at the level of the Middle East peace process) net work of political and social links that you have to navigate. For a cold, snowy waste the dam place feels alive and exciting and is a delight to play in! On top of all that it afforded me my first missing pages from the books that would, when complete, grant me a legendary skill with which to smite my enemies and pull chicks!

The three books all had nine missing pages and I had found all those I could in 3 or 4 days (five pages from each book can be found in Forocel) leaving me the tough decision of staying with my new Lossoth friends or travelling back to Angmar to find the remaining pages.

I chose Angmar.

Two days I played there, confined to one very small orc camp as I mercilessly slaughtered every stinking orc I could find to see which of them had a missing page. hundreds have died and at last I have completed one of the three books (and have the excellent skill attached and working – sching sching!) but the remaining teo books are stuck at an annoying one page missing from each. There are only so many orcs I can hack up before I start to run the risk of flashbacks. Or RSI.

Gorfrik – Dwarf, Hunter, Armourer, Master Metalsmith & Artisan Tailor. Level 27

Gorfrik managed to sawn his hand to some armour and is currently the laughing stock of Esteldin’s Tailor’s Guild.

Nimlarn – Elf, Minstrel, Woodsman & Master Expert Woodworker. Level 22

Nimlarn was spotted in Bree poncing about like a great waste of time, musing about the beauty of a cloud and singing to a flower. Bloody elves.

Hocko – Hobbit, Burglar, Tinkerer & Master Jeweller. Level 20

Hocko escaped from Estedin’s goal and is currently at large (well, as large as a hobbit can be) and on the Ranger’s “Most Wanted…” list.

Rolcko – Hobbit, Guardian, Yeoman, Supreme Farmer & Master Cook. Level 32

Rolcko was investigating some odd sounds from old Pipleaf’s well when he fell in – a rescue operation is slated to start sometime soon.

Keltorn – Man of Bree, Warden, Explorer. Level 34

Keltorrn’s discovered the joys of polishing his javelin. Dirty boy.

You can still read Keltorn’s adventures here and I actually do have plans to carry them on at some point.


Workworkworkworkwork and mad in-laws. I picked a hell of a week to stop licking toads.

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