#LOTRO: Quests To Remember


Like MMOs the world over, LOTRO has a strong quest-based element to it and only yesterday I was comtemplating which quests I loved best in the game (a thought path driven by my recent enjoyment watching Narsil refogred and the Fellowship depart Rivendell). Well there must be something in the air at the moment because not long afterwards I decided to listen to the latest LOTROReproter Podcast in which, to my delight & surprise they discussed which quests they loved most too! Even more serendipitously it turned out that their discussion was directly inspired by reading a post by the MMO guru Syp on his Massively site in which he listed his top ten favourite quests.

So that got me to thinking about listing mine too, but given that my blogging time is more limited now & I’m far less likely to complete a long post, and the fact I’m a tight bugger who doesn’t want to blow what could be several posts in one blogging splurge, I’ve decided that I’ll make this an irregular series and when the fancy takes me (or my creative juices are more tundra than rain forest) I’ll tell you about a quest I’ve loved and why. Hell, I might even find some photos in the roughly 9k I have taken in the game so far to tickle your fancy with 🙂

In the end I hope, more than just finding me something to blog about, that I show you how great this game is and maybe even tempt you to try it out. If you love Tolkien’s world as much as I do, there is so much to fall in love with in LOTRO that I just hope you are inspired to take up arms for the Free People of the West and stand with me against the darkness & evil of the East…


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