#LOTRO: My Ardour for Ardour…

Remember when I said I loved playing my Champion because of the *sching sching*? Well it’s still all about the *sching sching* for me but with the excellent re-working of the class undertaken by the dev known as Orion at Turbine, it’s also now about the ducking and the weaving, the swerving and the turning. Oh yes ladies and trembleholes, the Champion finally has more than one stance that works and verily Ardour is now all good!

You see, in the dark old days of September pretty much everyone who was anyone ran their Champ in Fervour stance unless they were grouping and pulled up Glory instead to reduce threat generation. The red-headed step-child of the three stances was Ardour which managed to give you neither the raw, bollock-pounding power of Fervour nor the quiet, calm murderous abilities of Glory. To be frank, it did three parts of fuck all and was rightly ignored as I have previously mentioned.

Then Orion got his magic hands on it and suddenly it has become the only stance I solo in. Sure Fervour turns me into a mad, blood-lusting freak with little regard for self-preservation but what good is that against an on-level giant in the Evendim mountains? I’ll tell you what – bugger all is what! Every fight I was having to pop at least one if not both of my “OH SHIT!” skills and as they take an age to cooldown for another use it was a while before I could attack another. That ain’t no good nosireebob!

So on a whim I thought I’d try the new, improved recipe Ardour and POW! Love hit me between the eyes like a frieght train being driven by Axle Rose eating a crystal meth snow cone sprinkled with mutant-strength pcp! It doesn’t generate the power/fervour pips as quickly as Fervour but that doesn’t matter because my survivability shot through the frigging roof! I was standing toe to toe with nasty bastards who’d all but ground me into the dirt mere minutes before and more than that… I was winning! Slowly, or at least slower than I am used to with a Champ which I’m sure is still fast compared to some classes, but I’m winning without using my “OH SHIT!” skills. This is rather amazing. Do I feel a tear welling up in the corner of my eye? I think… I think I’m going to cry… right after I cut this Orc in to ribbons so thin I can hang what’s left of him up to dry and sell it as pasta. Hoohah!

So well done Mr Orion, sir. Well done you. There are a dozen little changes I’d like to thank you fo on my Champ but for not only getting Ardour right at last, but making it my favourite soloing stance I saulte you most of all!


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