#LOTRO: The Madness Continues… Another New Character!

It all started innocently enough – a quick check of my mate Eventure’s LOTRO blog. Only it was the start of another slide downwards into the joyous madness of altoholism! A few hours after that post (and the discussion it generated in the comments) and after I had put the wee gazelling to bed, I settled down to make a new character for Eve’s group. Say hello to Keltorn, man of Bree and novice warden to Archet and Combe!
Keltorn 001

The run through the Archet starting intro was faster than ever and in about two hours I had completed it (along with Eve who was on at the same time) and ready to move onto to Combe with my adventuring friend. Wisely we left it there for now as we want to see if we can get any new people to join us but we should be starting up again pretty soon and if you want to join just drop me or eve a line either on our blogs or in-world and we’ll welcome you with open arms 😀 If you are interested these are things you need to know:

1) It’s going to be a very relaxed group – no powering through levels, no race to become the uber-warior, just time spent together exploring, adventuring and laughing.
2) The RP will be light – IMs for OOC stuff (we should set up our own group channel… I’ll look into that here) with the main channel & emotes/gestures for RPing ‘out loud’.
3) So the group levels together we are only going to play these characters together and without XP boosts.
4) Not sure of the day (or days) but the group will play one or more nights a week. Given that Eve is in the UK (as am I) and the Snowbourn server is an ex-EU server the group will be using the GMT timezone.
5) Although she will probably kick me for this, I see Eventure as the ‘boss’ and therefore what she says goes 😀

That’a about it for guidelines – like I said, it’s going to be a very relaxed and friendly little group.


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