#LOTRO: The Fires of Archet…

If I hadn’t left Bree that day to visit old Roper the trainer in Combe, I would never have ended up in Archet as it burnt.

Some might have cursed their bad luck at this, resentful that their poor choice of time or direction should have led to their capture and rough treatment by Blackwold thugs. They might have raised their fist to the sky and railed at the fates for assailing them; for conspiring against them, turning on them and betraying them.

Not I.

If I had chosen another time to visit, or postponed my training altogether, content instead to gather crops in the fields and make merry in the Pony like so many of my brothers and cousins and friends, then I would never have discovered the full extent of the terrible danger my beloved hometown of Bree faced. No, I was glad then and am glad now that I found myself in the stinking goal of the Blackwolds, for without them, and the assistance of the Ranger who freed me, I would never had had the opportunity to play my part in not only the defence of Archet, but of Bree and all the lands to the east.

So I thank the Blackwold scum for taking me alive that night or I would not have found myself fighting by the side of Strider, Atli, Jon Brackenbrook & his father, not to mention Evenwyn the brave warrior who became my blade-mate that night, as the town burnt around us. And although the Captain of the town and many others fell in the battle, we saved the town and its people and finally had our complacent eyes opened to the evils that were waiting unseen in the shadows, ready to pounce and devour us all at a moment’s notice.

And now I am irrevocably locked onto a path, a javelin streaking towards the heart of my foe, and this journal shall serve as record of my journey and testament to not only my achievements, but those of my sword-bothers who share my path. My friends and I may be few, but we are resolute and determined, our steel tempered by the fires of Archet until even our passing will wound our enemy.

I am Keltorn, son of Willdayne, Warden of Bree and today I train in Combe for tomorrow I go to seek out and crush the Blackwold threat once and for all.

Keltorn 001


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