#LOTRO: A Little More on Wardens…

Sorry about that but it had to be said 🙂 Now for some more measured words on my very limited experiences of playing a Warden.

1) I am in love, did I mention this? Partly it’s the good, old-fashioned manly love I have for the Spartans (only made even deeper by the visuals of 300) and partly it’s because of the noble nature of the the class’ portrayal in LOTRO (based, as it is, on Haldir) but there is also a large dollop of lust over the look of the class too – I love the cut-out shields and the whole javelin and spear attacks are just gorgeous! Watch these two LOTRO videos here and here to see what I mean 🙂

2) I’ve always loved my Champion and my Guardian has been a delight and although I’ve really enjoyed my Hunter, my Burglar and my Minstrel, I’ve come to realise that what I like more than anything is running up to monsters and beating the living tar out of them toe to claw, nose to snout and my Warden is another class that lets me do this with (nearly) all the style of my Champ mixed with some of the survivability of my Guardian. What a mix…

3) The Gambit combat system is a nice touch – you complete one of three attacks (spear stab, shield block/whack or big old bellowing scream) follow it up by another and they unlock a more powerful attack (so two jabs give you a huge jab, two shield block give you a huge whack, etc) that is both effective and fun to watch. Ah but three attaks in combos of two do not result in all that many improved attacks, do they? No they do not Mr Burro. Well fear not for you can begin to learn more attacks and more combinations so the powerful gambit pool grows as you progress which give you some nice moves including self-heals and, my favourite, a fekking great kick attack to the balls (or face if you are a wolf/pig/hobbit).

So there you have it – another studdly HBA is let loose in Middle Earth to right wrongs, help the helpless and kick the daylights out of Blackwold scum and grubby little goblins until his knee aches. Gawd Bless the Warden!

p.s. Take a gander at these two videos, one showing the Warden in combat at level 13 in Chetwood and one with a Warden at level 65 taking on a huge dragon. It’s like the Champ and the Guardian had a wee bouncing baby 🙂



  1. My hubby’s primary is a Hobbit Warden. He liked the look of the female Hobbit, so we run about (both level 65 now!) kicking righteous arse and having a great time. He likes his Dwarf minstrel (looks a lot like a very short member of ZZ Top), but loves questing with his Warden. Seeing the little hobbit girl kicking an uruk in the nuts while I fill him with high dps light-oiled glory is great fun.
    Our little team is available for Ranger rescues, keep storming, and general havok needs. We also do Bar Mitzvahs.

  2. Oh! And my Elf Lore-Master crafted her first Legendary weapon this week!!! My Elf Hunter now has a Hunter’s Sword of the Second Age. Squeeeeeeee
    See what you’ve done?

  3. Welcome, Friend, to holding the line!

    Yeah, when I read the description of the warden I was pretty much hooked. I am very glad that this was my first character class in LOTRO. And as m’dear says, there really is nothing so hilarious as a hobbit taking down the Iron Crown by shin-kicking him to death.

    Spear-Shield is the fastest and most effect interrupt in the game. the 1 and 2 buttons on my keyboard now have a polished shine on them.

    As enjoyable as this class is, it goes from fun to badass when you get to your masteries and your 5 segment gambits. You effectively have to re-learn your tools because now you have multiple shortcuts to build any single gambit.

    The Legendary Spears and Javelins? Dead sexy.

    Also, the Level 45 class quest? Unless you want to round up a pretty good sized expedition into Carn Dum, you can skirmish the last four items you need for 910 marks or so. Saves a lot of headache.

    Ok, I’ll cease my fantarding at this point. Have fun!

    1. Hail fellow Warden! 🙂

      I’m finding that 1-2-kick is pretty damn good, almost as good as my guardian’s shield swipe – bash which stops those pesky Keg-Masters in mid-morale regeneration when he’s skirmishing 😀

      I’m loving being a Warden – just such a show-boating class and that’s always fun!

  4. that video of the lvl 65 warden is amazing! how on earth were they regenning that much power? do you know? 🙂

    btw I thought you’d gone a bit quiet… until I realised I hadn’t added you to my google reader (doh!) so I have a few posts to catch up on ;p

    1. Hiya matey – Quiet? moi? Never! ;-D

      Lord knows how he did that in the video – I watch a lot of these thing and never know how people do any of it. They are a blur of better play techniques than I seem to be able to manage is all I know 🙂

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