LOTRO: Tough Little Hobbits…

I had a day off work yesterday and was lucky enough to spend most of it playing in LOTRO so managed to advance my characters quite a bit, in fact over the weekend pretty much everyone managed to move along the path a little 🙂

Ranhold – Man, Champion, Historian, Master Expert Weaponsmith & Master Scholar. Level 40

Ran finally (and ahead of schedule, mainly because I blitzed my stock of stored up scrolls) made Kindred with the Scholar’s Guild. It’s all well and good but now I can’t do much with that until I replenish my dwindling supply of materials needed to craft the scrolls and potions I’d like to sell at the AH. He reached Artisan level in his scholarly profession and also managed to move his weaponsmithing up (at long, long, looooong last) to make him an Expert Weaponsmith working out of Thorin’s Hall. The travel between Rivendell and Erid Luin is a nightmare!

He also undertook the mission to locate the missing Nazgul horse and had to use the elf-stone to do so – this made him an unbeatable warrior for a short time which was much needed seeing how bloody tough the troll guards were in the valley where the dead horse were! Seriously, another valley full of bloody Elites – the Trollshaws is not an easy place to solo in and I can see Ran moving along the Epic Story line and leaving the quests behind in favour of a more balanced experience in Evendim.

He also fell off a cliff (again) and died (again). Sigh.

Gorfrik – Dwarf, Hunter, Armourer, Expert Metalsmith & Expert Tailor. Level 23

It’s a good job Gorfrik is a dwarf because I don’t think he’s seen the outside of Esteldin’s dingy little crafting hall in weeks! Crafting gear for my mate Eventure/Tammi and furnishing both Hocko & Rolcko with full sets of new armour have kept him busy, and with the order he’s placed with Ranhold for “over two hundred sturdy hides, scholar boy!” he looks set to be staying inside and working on his tailoring craft advancement for some time to come!

Nimlarn – Elf, Minstrel, Woodsman & Journeyman Woodworker. Level 22

This week was Nimlarn’s turn to be ignored and bar preparing leathers for Gorfrik, he’s been stuck in Bree cooling his heels.

Hocko – Hobbit, Burglar, Tinkerer & Master Jeweller. Level 20 (and Undying!)

Hocko, lovely Hocko. Running around Far Chetwood got him from level 14 to 19 in a little over a week and in that time he gathered 4 sapphire shards, 200 silver ores (pretty much all now used up making jewellery for him and his uncle) and so many barrow-iron ores he made about 5 gold pieces in the AH selling them! He finally dinged 20 and got the Undying title whist beating up a bear cub west of Bree, a fitting way for a sneaky wee burglar to act I think :). Now all he needs is a dumper truck full of gold ore so he can get on with earning Jewller’s Guild rep and progressing his craft (not to mention making ingots for Ranhold & Gorfrik as well as crafting everyone their next level of jewellery) so I’ve dropped him in Esteldin and I’ll see how he fares out with the spiders and wargs of Kingsfell… the poor bugger 😀

In the meantime he’s also completed his skirmish tutorial and I found it incredibly hard to do with a burglar so I’m not sure he’ll be my go-to-guy for skirmishing 🙂

Rolcko – Hobbit, Guardian, Yeoma, Supreme Farmer & Master Cook. Level 20 (and Undying!)

Gold old solid & dependable Rolcko. He hit 20 and got the Undying title just like his far shadier nephew fighting with wolves just of east the Bree-land Horsefields. He’s been in Far Chetwood too, but as he can’t gather wood or ores his trips there have been much more about fighting and it turns out that is something he does rather well. Gorfrik has made him a full suit of Dwarven style heavy armour and with Ranhold’s new mace and Hocko’s shiny silver jewellery (all of the above, I should say, top-of-the-line critted examples) he’s quite the little tank and is making a ‘smash to the face with heavy metal club’ something of an art. He has a few more things to kill in Far Chetwood in order to get all the shards and scrolls and slayer deeds and then I’m going to move him back to Archet and complete all the pre-Bree stuff with him before I send him into the Barrows to kick the crap out of my old nemesis Brishzel *mutters and curses under breath*. That and send him into skirmishing where I suspect he’ll do a lot better than his useless nephew 🙂


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